Windows 7 ibVPN Against Packet Sniffing

Packet sniffing has been around for a long time. Online criminals snoop user traffic to gather different data elements that they can sell or use for bigger scams. A good online security service like ibVPN can protect users from these snoops by encrypting data and traffic. This way, snoops can’t read anything that they are able to steal from a data stream.

Online thieves use a range of software called spy ware to search for and copy account log in usernames and passwords. They use these to get into emails, social media accounts and the like to launch scams. They also sell these codes to hackers, earning something like $20 for a Hotmail account. Data brokers and advertisers also snoop around for data. They collect this information to learn about users’ internet activities to sell to marketers, political parties, and anyone interested in learning about people’s interests. Search engines do the same, selling lists of searches for targeted advertising space. Governments also monitor internet behavior for security. All of these put together put people at great risk for identity theft and financial fraud.

ibVPN for Windows 7

The good news is that users can rely on Windows 7 security tools and ibVPN services to protect the, from these threats to their internet data security. A Windows 7 ibVPN package can be used to protect against packet sniffing programs like Windows Packet Sniffer, IP sniffer, HTTPpacket sniffer, MSN sniffer, and Wifi Packet Sniffer. All of these programs are web spy ware designed to record users’ online activities. A highly secure VPN connection to an ibVPN remote VPN server will hide all evidence of the user’s actual location. The VPN server gives the user a new IP address that cannot be traced back to the ser. This can help the user get a new internet identity that will keep them safe. An ibVPN connection also boosts the user’s internet network security through data and traffic encryption. No third party can snoop, sniff or modify any data passing between the user and the secure VPN server. User privacy is also maintained because the new IP address protected by the VPN company will make it impossible for data miners to identify the user through the IP address, or even place the user because the server used can be in a completely different country.


Choosing a good VPN that will protect users from snooping depends on the company’s policies. Not every Windows 7 VPNs are created equal. Users should always look for a reputable VPN provider like ibVPN that offers high speeds, and high levels of user anonymity. The latest advances in personal VPN technology has provided users with special VPN client software which is so easy to use. Users can switch between different VPN servers with one click for maximum bandwidth allocation and speed. They can also switch between protocols for better speed and greater anonymity and access. With a connection to an ibVPN Windows 7 service, users can enjoy the protection of your local Windows computer security tools and additional internet security.

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