What to Do When your VPN Service is Not Working Perfectly

You might sometimes experience problems on your virtual private network, but you need not worry with plenty of solutions on the internet and the support of your own VPN service provider.

Some of the most common problems include a failure to establish a VPN or internet connection, slow browsing speed or connection breakups. These are some of the most annoying problems a VPN user can face. However, it is not your virtual private network which should be blamed as the problem might be with your device, the settings of your system or your internet service.

Most VPN users are laymen with little knowledge about how their VPN and devices actually work. Therefore, they find fixing a problem to be difficult. However, there are many ways such laymen users can turn to in order to overcome a problem with their VPN service.

VPN Customer Service

Most VPN service providers give you customer support to deal with your VPN problems. You should let professionals fix your problems or guide you over the telephone to do it yourself if the solution is not too technical.

VPN Services

Find Solutions on The Internet

If you want to troubleshoot your VPN problem and fix it on your own, you can search for it on the internet. There are many websites dedicated to VPN services. You can read about the common reasons why your VPN service might not be working probably. You will also find solutions for dealing with all possible problems with easy instructions which can be understood by almost everyone.

Apart from websites with information about virtual private network services, there are also many forums with discussions about VPN problems and solutions. You can discuss your VPN issues on such forums and are likely to find an answer to your problem through other VPN users as well as technical experts who might be on the forum

Solutions to Common Problems

Often, the solution to the most annoying VPN problem might lie in a simple change in your system’s settings. So, the next time your virtual private network service does not work perfectly, try one of the following solutions. These solutions can deal with the most common problems most VPN users come across.

Check Internet Connection Settings

In order to connect to the internet through a VPN, you should not opt for “proxy server” in your internet connection settings. So, check your internet connection settings and make sure this box is unchecked if you are having trouble connecting to your virtual private network.

Establish Internet Connection before the VPN Connection             

If your browser fails to load a web page, make sure you connect to the internet first and then to your VPN.

Uninstall and Install again

Uninstall your encryption software and then install it again. Your VPN might start working properly again through this solution.

Reconnect after Hibernating

When you are using devices such as a laptop, putting them in the sleep or hibernation mode breaks your connection to your virtual private network. Therefore, you need to reconnect to the VPN after your device has been turned on again.

Most VPN problems are simple to solve. If you still can’t handle them, you can always take the professional help of your VPN service provider.

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