What Free VPN Service Provider Can Do For You

Free VPN service can let you avail some of the benefits of a virtual private network. Although the services are limited in case of free VPN, you save money if you only require a few of the features.

So, if you feel you do not need to subscribe to a paid virtual private network for complete features, free VPN service can be helpful.

However, let us first discuss what the complete set of features and benefits of VPN are before you decide whether you want paid or free VPN service.

VPN – Features and Benefits

A virtual private network allows devices to be connected in a private network using a public network, the internet. It is a secure network, protecting your data from hackers, theft and third party intrusions.

The salient features and benefits of virtual private networks are summarized below.

Safety Measures

In a virtual private network, all your data is encrypted when you share it through the internet. In this way, whether you are connected to LAN at your home or using Wi-Fi in a public place, like a coffee shop or a library, you do not have to worry about the security of your personal information, files, passwords and other stuff due to data encryption. A free VPN service cannot provide such high levels of security.

Free VPN Service

Identity Protection

VPN changes your IP address when you get on the internet. This is also a way of providing security to you as your actual IP identity is protected. Therefore, you cannot be traced by hackers or spammers.

Blocked Sites

VPN gives you access to web content which has been blocked by government agencies or in your office premises. This is something you can enjoy through a free VPN service also.

Seamless Connection

When you are travelling, VPN ensures your internet connection does not ever be interrupted. This is because the IP address allocated to you remains the same, creating the impression that you are present in the same location.

Value VS Cost

All the VPN services have a higher value as compared to their cost. The entire package is economical due to all the great features you enjoy. A free VPN service is easy on your pocket, but cannot provide you with all the valuable features.

Where to find Free VPN Services?

There are many VPN service providers who offer free services. They can be easily found on the internet. You just have to download a small application to start enjoying the free benefits.

Moreover, free VPN services can also be enjoyed through trial packages offered by several providers. However, these trials are for a limited time with limited services. Also, in case of trials, you are expected to subscribe with full payments after being satisfied with the service.

Features of Free VPN Service

The limited features of a free VPN service are mentioned below.

IP Address

You can get a different IP address to be able to hide your identity when you are online. IP addresses from other countries, such as UK, Germany or US can be helpful for enjoying TV shows limited to the audience of a specific country.

Blocked content

Visit blocked sites through a free VPN service which can easily be found on the internet.

Limited data transfer

You are allowed a certain amount of data transfer on daily or monthly basis through a free VPN service.

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