What a Free VPN Service Provider Won’t Do For You

Free VPN service providers can be found on the internet offering limited services to users. These services are only suitable for those individuals who do not need the complete set of VPN features or need VPN services for just a short duration of time. However, getting paid VPN services is much better in the long run as it enables you to experience all the benefits of a virtual private network.

It might be a good idea to utilize some of the benefits of VPN through a free VPN service, but you should be well aware of what a free VPN service provider won’t do for you.

Drawbacks of Free VPN

Free VPN services are definitely not the same as the VPN services you pay for. No matter how much you search on the internet, you will not find a free VPN service provider offering you the entire package. You will have to compromise, making use of the limited available services.

Here are some of the major limitations of a free VPN service.

Limited Data Transfer

Almost all free VPN service providers allow you only a limited amount of data transfer. You might be offered a certain amount on a daily basis or monthly basis. For instance, you can be offered 1 GB of data transfer each month. However, once you have used it all up, you will no longer be able to avail the free VPN services for the rest of the month. Therefore, you will be compelled to limit your surfing, downloads and other web activities.

Paid VPN Services

Speed Limitations

Free VPN does not let you enjoy speeds as high as paid VPN services. You have to compromise with the comparatively slow speeds of a free VPN service, tarnishing your experience on the internet.

Limited Time

Some free VPN service providers let you enjoy the free services for a short period of time only. Such services are offered as trial packages for individuals who want to experience a VPN service before paying for it. Therefore, if you want to use virtual private network services for a long period of time, free VPN service is not for you.

Limited Features

Free VPN definitely does not offer the entire set of features of a virtual private network. For instance you might be able to make use of an international IP address through free VPN, but you won’t be provided with the same security on the internet which paid VPN services provide you with through data encryption.

Who is Free VPN for?

Free VPN service providers can only cater to the needs of individuals who want these services for a brief period or for trial purpose. On the other hand, if you want high security, unlimited data transfer, uninterrupted connectivity and other VPN features without time limitations, free VPN will not help you at all.

Free services of virtual private networks cannot benefit individuals for serious business and office work. Similarly, if you enjoy watching international TV shows online, an international IP address given to you by a free VPN service would not help you much if the data transfer is limited.

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