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Golden Frog, providers of the VyprVPN service, just announced their new Miami server cluster. This launch puts VyprVPN in the lead as a Swiss VPN provider. The Miami server cluster is available to all VyprVPN subscribers.

VyprVPN is a personal VPN for use by individuals in need of a secure Internet connection that opens access to regionally blocked or country-specific content. VyprVPN encrypts the user’s data and traffic to secure communications. It can also bypass internet restrictions like geolocation and prevent monitoring and spying. VyprVPN gives users online anonymity, privacy and security.

Top Security for Fastidious Associates

As a top Swiss VPN, VyprVPN is capable of securing connections to safeguard business and personal transactions. The Swiss are very cautious when it comes to Internet security. Safe transactions must be of utmost importance to anyone wishing to enter into business deals. VyprVPN’sOpenVPN protocol option provides the most secure VPN connection available. OpenVPN cannot be traced or blocked, and with SSL encryption, this provides the most secure connection option available today. To see more details on the VyprVpn packages, you can access our review from the top VPN provider page.

Data and traffic encryption via a VyprVPN server ensure that communications cannot be intercepted or decoded by spies and hackers. Snooping is not possible in the VPN tunnel, and all website browsing, VoIP, instant messaging, and other applications are protected. Using the VyprVPN service on both ends ensures tight privacy and security for all data sent back and forth between users.

Commonly enforced website blocks put up for security reasons can be circumvented with VyprVPN. The service provides its own security framework, and so allows access to blocked content without the security risks of the open Internet. VyprVPN users outside of the country can be given a Swiss IP address for free access within Switzerland, and Swiss users can also choose from a variety of servers worldwide to get a local IP for whichever country they wish to be virtually located in.

Anonymity for security purposes is a main function of the VyprVPN service. Using any of the provided IP addresses on the VyprVPN servers prevents the user’s real location and IP information from being located and identified. This is especially useful for mobile users who access the Internet from unsecured locations like open WiFi hotspots or free WiFi at hotels and airports.

VyprVPN supports Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops as well as Android and iOS. The VPN can be used flexibly, for transactions done on the go or from the comfort of home and office. Different protocols and encryption levels are available to suit user devices and particular speed and security needs.For instance, VyprVPNsupports SSTP and PPTP for mobiles and provides 128-bit to 1024-bit encryption. The Google translator functionality can also be activated for easier communication.

The VyprVPN servers also have built-in malware protection. This means that anyone connected to the service automatically benefits from the sophisticated malware blocking server technology. Malicious software is blocked by the servers before it can reach any users.

Local VyprVPN Use

VyprVPN is not limited to use in communications by or with Swiss users. The VPN can be used by anyone around the world to communicate securely. Golden Frog is dedicated to maintaining open Internet access for everyone while securing privacy online. VyprVPN opens access for users to all their server clusters worldwide. To date, VyprVPN operates servers in the following countries:

Canada – Toronto
Denmark – Copenhagen
France – Paris
Germany – Frankfurt
Hong Kong
Ireland – Dublin [New!]
Italy – Rome [New!]
Malaysia – Kuala Lampur
Netherlands – Amsterdam
Romania – Bucharest
Russia – Moscow
Singapore [New!]
Spain – Madrid [New!]
Sweden – Stockholm
Switzerland – Zurich
U.K. – London
U.S. – Austin, TX
U.S. – Los Angeles, CA
U.S. – Miami, FL New!
U.S. – Washington, D.C.

In the US, many Internet users are concerned about their privacy. Public attention is focused on the NSA and its ongoing surveillance activities, and on the companies that are participating. The U.S. Congress recently rejected a proposal to restrict the NSA phone surveillance program. And the public can expect this to be a long and probably unsuccessful battle for individual privacy rights. It is therefore up to individuals to protect their own online privacy using encryption tools like VyprVPN.

Many more websites are possibly sharing users’ browsing information without permission. Even sites not associated with PRISM can take logs of users’ web activities through sneaky cookies and spread it over the public Internet. Advertisers are the most notorious of these. This information, once out in public, attracts hackers and scammers of all types. This information is what they use to start sophisticated phishing and social engineering attacks. Sometimes it is even enough for them to launch attacks to steal credit card numbers and get into bank accounts.

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