VyprVPN Helps in Fight for Internet Freedom

Golden Frog, providers of the VyprVPN service, have released a report on Internet freedom around the world. They have found that the Internet access of 80% of people is in some way censored. And for 60% of these people, the censorship is getting worse.

Worsening Internet Censorship

Over the past three years, countries all around the world have been increasingly censoring the Internet. People living in those countries have limited access to Internet content depending on what their governments think they should and should not be able to see. There have been a lot of movements against Internet censorship, but Internet freedoms are still being increasingly stifled.

Most people think that it is only in non-democratic governments that people suffer under Internet censorship. But the reality is that more and more democratic governments like the United States and Australia are imposing Internet restrictions. Representatives from these governments label the Internet as dangerous for national security. And they at the same time use it to conduct surveillance on Internet users worldwide. At the same time, they continually limit access to the information available on the Internet.

VyprVPN for Internet Freedom

Because there is so much restriction and surveillance going on, Internet users need a powerful tool that can help them overcome blocks and restore their privacy. VyprVPN is one of the top VPN online privacy and unblocking tools on the market. VyprVPN simultaneously helps people to preserve their online privacy and fight against website blocks.

VyprVPN has powerful VPN servers located all over the world that VyprVPN users can connect to for security and Internet freedom. The VyprVPN servers reroute users’ connections so they cannot be traced back to their original IP addresses. Data and traffic is kept secure during the routing process. The servers issue an alternative IP address to users that can allow them access to almost any type of content that they want to see.


Internet censorship doesn’t look like it’s going to ease up in the near future. For Internet users who as yet do not have a VPN to help them overcome website blocks and Internet surveillance, the time to get one is now. VyprVPN and Golden Frog believe that people should make their own decisions about what information they access and who they share their information with. Start protecting your rights today with a VPN.

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