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We always hear about using VPNs to get around geolocation blocks so people can watch TV and videos from other countries. But gaming has also become increasingly restricted. Many gamers used to enjoy playing on US sites, European sites, and basically anywhere they wanted. Censorship in countries like China, India and Iran has also affected what gaming sites people are allowed to access. With all these limitations, you need a top VPN like VyprVPN to give you access.

VPNs and Online Gaming

Not all sites will be accessible to gamers using any VPN. A lot of gaming sites have become more strict about who gets to play there. They are on to proxies, and some VPNs can even be detected. You need a top VPN that cannot be traced so your identity and real location will not be revealed. VyprVPN can get you into almost any gaming site you want, anywhere in the world.

It doesn’t matter where you are, either. VyprVPN can circumvent most of the technologies that are used to censor Internet content. So you can access censored websites as long as you are connected to a VyprVPN server, and your ISP or government will not be able to see what sites you visited.

Other Methods

If there is a gaming site that you really want to get into but somehow fail to access even with VyprVPN, don’t worry. Famous online SNG player Stephen Reynolds, a.k.a. “sizzlinbetta” shared his secret with NJ.com. Reynolds was able to contact a couple of guys who offer account registering services. For a fee, they can create an account under an assumed name in a country and with financial services that are accepted by the site. But be careful because Reynolds warns that this arrangement can end up costing you USD 12 thousand a year.


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