VyprVPN and Chameleon for Anonymity

Chameleon is a new tool of VyprVPN that increases VPN anonymity. Being anonymous online is very important for privacy and security. So as a leading VPN company, VyprVPN is dedicated to providing the highest levels of VPN anonymity.


Chameleon is a tool that jumbles up VPN metadata. This way, people who are trying to detect VPN traffic will not be easily able to do so. Firewalls can be configured to detect VPN traffic, so Chameleon is very useful. Especially in countries where the government is very strict about what type of content people view, this anonymity is very important. Chameleon is the brainchild of VyprVPN creators at GoldenFrog. It was made for VPN users who need to make sure that their VPN traffic is not tracked.

For example, is China, they have teams of people dedicated to tracking down VPN users. A lot of content is censored in China. People have been using VPNs to bypass these restrictions. But the authorities have also been working hard to find a way to detect VPNs. Most use deep packet inspection and are very good at it. But if you use Chameleon, it prevents them from detecting VPN traffic.

If you have a premium VyprVPN package, you can try out Chameleon. The tool was in beta testing for a few months, and has so far turned out good reviews. Golden Frog isn’t giving out many details about Chameleon because that information is a trade secret. But they do confirm that the VPN metadata becomes randomized by the tool. Then no one can detect it. It is also protected by 256-bit OpenVPN encryption.


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