Why VPN Reviews are Important to Buy Best VPN Services

Not every Internet user around the world knows what a VPN (Virtual Private Network) provider can do for their personal security when accessing the Internet. A lot of the people that reside in mainland China, the United States, Nations of the Far East and some in the Middle East already know that a VPN service will help them bypass their country’s censorship and grant them access to websites only available in a particular country.

However, if you are still unaware of what a VPN service is and does, even though it is one of the fastest growing Internet technology businesses in the world, then let us explain a few things about this innovative technology.

What is a VPN

A VPN is a technology that secures your Internet connections. Once you complete your connection between the VPN provider’s server and your Internet access device, such as a laptop or desktop computer, all the information you send or receive across the worldwide web is encrypted, even if you are just surfing around the Internet.

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The new software that VPN services have developed can also change your current IP address to one of their servers located around the world. For example, if you need a US IP address, then you would choose the United States as your host country when subscribing to the VPN service. Because this VPN provider’s server is in the US, you will get a US IP address and have access to everything an American has access to on the Internet, including Hulu, Facebook, Twitter and Netflix.

Why is a VPN Review Important

Now that you know some of the things a VPN service can do for, you  have decided to check them out further. However, you do not want to just go on a search engine, type VPN providers and choose the first one you see. You want to read as many VPN reviews as possible, but this can also make you confused.

VPN reviews are important because they will tell you who the best providers are and what to look for in a VPN service. Again, you still need to be careful. Some VPN review sites are being written by the VPN provider’s themselves. You need to look for an independent VPN review site that actually subscribes to the different services and uses them to make sure they are recommending the best VPN providers.

Many VPN review sites just rewrite what another site has discovered and worked hard to find out. For example, countriesvpn.com works extremely hard to use every VPN service that can be found on the Internet. We also use these services from several different countries around the world and access the VPN services through multiple Internet access devices, such as a desktop computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices.

Countriesvpn.com does a comprehensive study on the VPN service before it recommends any one service to their readers. This way they know that their VPN review is of the highest quality and accurate. This independent VPN review can tell its readers the truth because they are not obligated to one VPN provider or another. So many VPN review sites do not go to this extreme and just recommend the VPN service that they read a lot about, instead of doing a study themselves.

You can read as many VPN reviews as you want, but unless you find a quality VPN review site that tells you the truth, as well as recommends that you look at the VPN services yourself, you are probably not reading a VPN service that has actually used the providers themselves.

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