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If you are going to visit Canada after a long period of time just remember that, there are new copyright laws in place and these legislation prevent you from achieving internet freedom in the country. The Copyright Modernization Act was put into action on 2015 and ever since its inception people living in Canada are worried about their privacy and security. We have some good news for all those visiting the country and that is VPN Privacy. Internet freedom and security are two of the most important features necessary for any internet user and virtual private network provides most of them.

Copyright issues

Most of you may think that this new law has restrictions only on the digital rights in the country but to your surprise you will be amazed by the implications and far reaching restrictions which can be imposed using this law. All kinds of downloading and file sharing platforms available online can be enjoyed freely only if you have VPN Privacy. This law also enforces all the Internet Service Providers operating in Canada to maintain activity logs of the internet users using their services. ISPs have to keep these logs with them for a period of 6 months, which is quite a risky event for us, as an internet user.

Privacy risks

If your ISP is tracking your internet activity then imagine the kind of privacy risk you are put into. All your internet activity will get recorded and the Government or any other authorized body can get these details from your ISP. With all this extensive data activity monitoring, internet users are subjected to more online risks and threats. Data monitoring is another major risk that cannot be neglected as well. Internet risks and privacy problems that are prevailing in Canada can be avoided using a completely legal option of VPN.

VPN and its benefits

Virtual Private Network offers a secured internet network which connects your computer with a remote server. This server masks your digital identity and with that your IP address will be hidden and secured even from your ISP. IP hiding and replacement technique implemented by a VPN will hide your original IP and replace it with a new IP address. The websites you may visit now will find this new IP as the identity of its visitor. An encrypted tunneled protocol network provided by a VPN server makes sure that your internet activity and data stay protected. ISPs, hackers, phishers and other fraudsters will not be able to detect your internet activity.

VPN uses a complicated internet technology but as a subscriber you will not face any difficulties using the service because VPN is one of the most user-friendly online services. VPN gives protection even when you use free public networks and Wi-Fi with your smartphones and tablets. VPN is used by many Canadian users mainly for the multitude of benefits that it offers to the subscribers. Pricing of many VPN packages are also highly affordable and decent. VPN should be your best pick without a doubt.

Best 5 VPN in Canada

VPN privacy is not only for those who use file sharing, torrenting and other digital platforms online the most but for all those using the internet in Canada. Online security and privacy will be improved enormously and that is one of the main advantages of using a VPN.

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