Use ExpressVPN and Upgrade Apple OS

If you haven’t upgraded your Apple software, you need to do this right away. The recent discovery of a bug in the Apple OS puts millions of iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac users at risk. SSL authentication is a vital step in ensuring device and data security. On top of the upgrades, you should also be using ExpressVPN, a leader in VPN security. Using this VPN gives you a secure layer of encryption and private tunneling that isn’t compromised by criminals or government agencies.

ExpressVPN and the Apple Bug

The recent discovery of a serious problem with iOS and OS X encryption and SSL authentication is a huge deal. Apple hasn’t commented on it much but the bug in their operating systems is not a quick fix. Apple has issued patches and upgrades for iOS, but it is not a permanent solution. We are still waiting for a patch for OS X, which is in even more danger than iOS devices. Using browsers other than Safari will help users stay secure. Apple Mail and Messages are also unsafe. To maintain a greater level of privacy for data and to ensure device security, users should get ExpressVPN. Apple devices have native VPN compatibility, but this secure third party app is the safer choice in light of this grave Apple software vulnerability.

Moreover, the bug is not something that Apple developers could have easily overlooked. It is a very simple step in SSL authentication that no developer can really miss. This has raised questions over the integrity of Apple software. This is especially true since they have already been implicated as allowing the NSA a backdoor into their systems. And also because the Snowden documents have revealed that the NSA has had a 100% success rate so far in infiltrating Apple devices. Complete data capture is possible with the manipulation of the Apple software bug. This is very bad news since now hackers are also aware of the vulnerability. Wi-Fi connections are especially susceptible to hijacking. With ExpressVPN, however, users can secure their connections to prevent the interception of data on iOS and OS X sessions where SSL/TLS fails.


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