Upgraded 2013 iPhone VPN Features

Your iPhone 2.x can now enjoy greater VPN accessibility. You can use IPVanish VPN as well as your corporate VPN. You can have an encrypted Internet connectionfor both personal and company use. The total security on your iPhone will sendall data through a secure VPN tunnel. IPSec VPN is now supported, so users can take advantage of the L2TP settings.

L2TP/IPSec is one of the most secure VPN protocols. It uses IPsec in Transport Mode for encryption services. Since mobile phones do not yet support OpenVPN, this is the best choice. It allows multiprotocol traffic to be encrypted and then sent over the Internet.Encapsulation for L2TP/IPsec data packets consists of two layers. The first is an IP datagram wrapped with an L2TP header and a UDP header. The second is the resulting L2TP message wrapped with an IPsecESP header and trailer. It is also wrapped with an IPsec Authentication trailer for message integrity and authentication. The final touch is an IP header which is the source and destination IP address that corresponds to the VPN client and VPN server.

Configuring IPVanishVPN on iPhone

1. Turn on your WiFi and go to the “Settings” app on your iPhone. It is usually located on your Home screen. You can also find it by using the “Spotlight” search function. Launch the Settings app.
2. If you already have a VPN connection set up, select “Network” from the menu list. If you haven’t setup a custom network connection yet, create one now under “General” settings.
3. On “Network”, tap “VPN” and “Not Connected”.
4. On “VPN” settings, under “Choose a Configuration”, tap “Add VPN Configuration” and select “L2TP”if it is not already set by default.
5. You will see a form to be filled out with VPN settings. In the “Description” field, enter a title for your new VPN connection.
6. In the “Server” field, enter the host you want to use from the IPVanish list found here. You may have to log in with your IPVanish account credentials.
7. Then enter the “Account” and “Password”details exactly as they were provided to you. Check that the “RSA SecurID” field is set to “Off”. Then enter the IPVanish pre-shared secret key(ipvanish)in the “Secret” field.
8. Check that the “Send All Traffic” switch is “On” and tap “Save” in the upper-right corner.
9. You will be brought back to the VPN connections page. You can now test the connection by selecting a connection on “Choose a Configuration”. Switch it “On” to connect.
10. A “Status” bar will appear and you will see any error or warning messages if something is wrong. The last message will be “Authenticating”. If you can’t get beyond this message, check the username and password you entered. If you still have problems, contact IPVanishsupport and prepare to relay the error or warning messages you received.
11. When you see “Connected” in the Status bar, the connection is ready to use. Please not that when the device locks or sleeps, the VPN session will terminate as set by default by Apple for security.

iPhone VPN

Configuring Corporate VPN on iPhone

Start activating the VPN setting on your iPhone by selecting “VPN” under “Network”. Then select “Add VPN Configuration”. When you see a list of supported protocols, select one. You will be prompted to enter server information, account details, encryption level, a password, and more. Retrieve the configuration settings from your company and fill in the details. The password will be renewed every time you log on to the VPN. If you are not sure how to set this up, contact your company’s IT department or a friend knowledgeable in VPN app settings for assistance. After the configuration, the VPN app will be ready for use. Turn it on and off by selecting “Yes” and “No” under “Settings”

iPhone Internet Security

It is essential these days to secure all Internet activities. Having peace of mind knowing that your personal data is secure with your IPVanish VPN app is priceless.

You should also be confident that your company’s confidential data is secure. Your corporate VPN creates a private tunnel between you and the company database. It ensures that anything you send and receive will remain secure. Most company data breaches are caused by unsecure connections used by employees, so this corporate VPN will protect you from unknowingly causing company data theft. Mobile devices and tablets in addition are usually the culprits because of their inherent security defaults. Mobile device and tablet developers have not had the security experience that desktop and laptop makers have. It is natural that mobile devices will need more time to grow and gain the level of security that desktops and laptops have attained.

IPVansih VPN for Work

If your company does not have a corporate VPN, you can use your IPVanish personal VPN to secure communications when you go online on official business. Many people work remotely these days, and they more often than not use mobile devices and tablets to stay connected. Consumer information and trade secrets must be secured over and above any other company data. The risks involved in losing this valuable data are too high to be ignored. They are the life force of any business, and to lose these to thieves can destroy consumer trust in the brand, and the company’s potential for growth.

VPN access for transactions involving sensitive data and finances is a must. Only a good VPN like IPVanish can secure these transactions so that the information does not fall into the wrong hands. Most mobile workers will access work files from home connections and WiFi hotspots. Those who are traveling for business will have no choice but to use dangerous free WiFi at cafes, hotels and airports. Doing so is very risky without a VPN.

Through the IPVanish VPN, all your communications will be encrypted, not just website browsing activities. You can safely use Skype and other instant messaging applications, and you can safely download, upload, and share files through your secure cloud storage service. The secure IPVansih VPN protocols ensure data and identity protection so your privacy remains intact when you go online. For more details, please visit our top VPN provider page, where you can access our reviews of IPVanish. And you can also compare IPVansih features with those of other VPN services by using our easy VPN Comparison Tool.

When using IPVanish on your iPhone, you don’t need to worry about connection problems. Once you have properly configured the VPN, it will run smoothly. And if you have any problems, theIPVanish support team will always be at your service. IPVanish manages VPN servers worldwide that will give you fast connection speeds and connection reliability. With an IPVansih VPN plan, you get unlimited bandwidth so you never have to worry about getting cut off.

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