SSTP Vs PPTP VPN Protocols

Today, we will be discussing which one of the SSTP and PPTP protocols used for VPN connection is better. First of all let me give you a little insight on what a VPN connection actually is and how it works. VPN connection is a private network which makes user’s online activity protected by keeping it secured from the public internet. VPN basically routes all the internet data of the user to its servers located at the remote locations and that is how it protects the data and also it helps the user to anonymously surf the internet.

Different VPN Protocols:

There are many protocols for VPN including PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN, L2TP and others but PPTP and SSTP are the ones which are mostly used by the users. So, we will be talking about the differences between the two protocols and then we will find out which one is better.

PPTP – Great Authentication With Reliable Transmission:

First of all, when we talk about PPTP or Point to Point Tunneling Protocol, it is one of the most basic VPN protocol and most of the normal or regular users usually go for this one. It is not that secure because it is based on 128 bit key encryption and only used for the casual internet surfing. Other features offered by PPTP protocol include EAP authentication which is a very capable authentication method and TCP which has the ability to retransmit the lost online data of the user.

SSTP – Extreme Security with Easy Access:

On the other hand, when we talk about SSTP or Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol, it is pretty effective and reliable as well. There are various countries that do not allow VPN connections and most of the tunneling protocols are banned, but SSTP works in almost every location. The reason behind that is its port which is the same as the SSL Transmissions. So, SSTP is capable of breaking through almost all the firewalls and proxies and it is also considered as the most secured VPN protocol because it is based on 2048 bit data encryption unlike the PPTP.

SSTP for Business Users & PPTP for Home Users!

After reading all that, it is clear that SSTP has the upper hand over the PPTP protocol. Still, PPTP is the most basic and easy to use protocol and it is ideal for the regular internet surfer. But of course if you are looking for the maximum protection and anonymity then you will have to go with the SSTP protocol. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that if you get a VPN connection with SSTP protocol, it will cost higher than the VPN connection based on PPTP protocol. So, if you are a budget user then PPTP is the one for you. At the end we can say that SSTP is the real deal in terms of protection of the data and the privacy of the user and most of the business users go for it. On the other hand, PPTP is mostly used for personal uses when the user just needs an ordinary protection and privacy over the internet.

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