ProXPN on Global Internet Freedom

ProXPN, protecting user privacy and Internet freedoms since 2009, has expressed a growing concern over the state of Internet freedom. Developments over the past few months have revealed that these freedoms are in more danger than previously suspected. It is high time that Internet users take steps to secure their Internet using the tools made available to them.

Alarming Spy Capabilities

Spying and hacking activities led by large online crime groups and foreign governments have been going on for many years. The target countries have been aware of the magnitude and reach of these activities for at least a few years now. Over the past few years, governments have been working hard to block these massive attacks, businesses have hired outside help to boost their Internet security, and individual Internet users have turned to personal VPN services like proXPN. Though the attacks continued and grew in sophistication and reach, people felt they had a reasonable level of security online. People believed that they could depend on the law to keep their privacy online. They trusted Internet companies and services to be true to their word about not sharing their information with anyone.

Since June this year, the world has learned much about internal spying activities, website tracking practices, and ISP connection monitoring. These new enemies to online privacy and security have stirred up a hornet’s nest. Internet users of all types were shocked to learn just how vulnerable they really are, and have been for years. ISPs have been tracking their bandwidth usage to determine online activities, websites and browsers have been monitoring their visits, and the NSA has been gathering all kinds of data on them. The clincher was the realization of just how extensive and deep the reach of the NSA is.

The information that Edward Snowden leaked from NSA documents disclosed the fact that the NSA has the ability to get any data they want, whenever they want it. They can unilaterally access data and perform extensive, in-depth surveillance on both live communications and stored information. This means that even password and privacy policy protected email, chat, videos, photos, VoIP calls, instant messages, file transfers, social networking details, et cetera, can be accessed by the NSA.

Internet users are now no longer focused on the dangers of getting scammed on Facebook or having their credit card numbers stolen when they shop online. People have learned how to deal with email phishing and identity theft threats. It is online privacy that now holds their attention. ProXPN understands that having to protect yourself from the very institution that you depended on for protection is a very difficult prospect. The powers that be are armed and ready to achieve anything and everything they deem necessary.

Freedom Dying

Is Internet Freedom Dying?

Many countries have over the years attempted to control the flow of information over the Internet. Most notably, China, Iran and Cuba have built sophisticated defenses that are meant to block their people from accessing the data and services available on the Web. They restrict search keywords, censor blog posts, block news and video content, and the like. Thousands of people are employed by these governments to police the Internet around the clock. Their job is to monitor Internet users’ activities online to see what they are doing, trying to do, and how they do it if successful. Without VPN technology, proXPN says, these people would be living in a bubble, isolated from the world.

Internet freedoms are in very real danger today. This is the main reason why proXPN has been urging Internet users to take advantage of the VPN technology available to them. But proXPN also assures users that the death of Internet freedom is not imminent. In fact, the very nature of the Internet negates restrictions on the sharing of information. ProXPN explains that the very structure of the Internet makes it naturally seek to detour around blocks and overcome barriers to communication. The World Wide Web was created to facilitate data transfers, and companies like proxpn will continue to offer solutions for every type of Internet user.

ProXPN is a strong believer in open and free Internet. Services offered by VPN technology such as proXPN exist to provide Internet users with advanced VPN technology for better online access, privacy and security. By connecting to the Internet via a secure proXPN VPN, any user can maintain open access and enjoy the privacy and security with peace of mind. The proXPN VPN masks users’ IP addresses and encrypts data transfers online to ensure that the data cannot be stolen. All data sent over the Internet via proXPN VPN servers is secured. The proXPN VPN tunnel encrypts the data and prevents it from being intercepted. The VPN server gives the user an alternate IP address to protect the user from being identified and associated with the data transfer. This is an important step for greater privacy and security online.

ProXPN was founded in 2009 and has grown ito one of the leading VPN providers. Rather than offering time-based free trials, ProXPN offers free lifetime VPN accounts for users who want to test out the services or do not need unlimited connection speeds. The proXPN Premium account on the other hand allows users to enjoy unlimited speeds and advanced VPN features like PPTP compatibility for mobile devices and VPN Guard to protect Internet data transfers in the event that the VPN connection fails.

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