ProXPN Encourages Better Internet Security

ProXPN has been adding servers to their network as news comes in of more people facing Internet restrictions around the world. The latest buzz is about North Korea, India and Oman. ProXPN encourages better Internet security not only to protect users, but to free the Internet to allow them the opportunities that they should be enjoying along with the rest of the world.

North Korean Internet Censorship

It is general knowledge that the freedom situation in North Korea is desperate. The specifics are not well publicized, however, and the restrictions placed on the Internet in the country are severe. It has been known since December last year that only one cyber café exists in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. Only a select few from the elite are allowed to use the café. And anyone who logs in to the Internet from that café is very closely monitored. All the computers in that café use Red Star, which is a custom built operating system. Red Star was personally commissioned by the former leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-il, and is still used as the sole operating system allowed by the North Korean government.

Ordinary citizens in North Korea are not allowed to use the Internet. Only a few elites, academics and scientists are given what the government calls the privilege of using the Internet. And those who can access the Internet will see only a very small portion of content. The Internet is so severely restricted that it is really no better than the intranet of a large company. Most North Koreans have no idea what the expansive global network really looks like.

Internet Restrictions in India affect Oman

Indian newspaper The Hindu reported in mid-2012 that government restrictions had been placed on the Internet. Court rulings that made the restrictions possible affected not only the people living in India, but those in Oman as well. Internet traffic in Oman is partly routed through Indian internet service providers (ISP) in India, so their access is limited by the same restrictions that are placed on Indian users. Users in Oman are therefore unable to access many websites that they should otherwise be able to use and enjoy. The fact that the restrictions that applied to Indian Internet access also applied to Oman Internet was strange. Despite the ISPs’ agreements for routing internet traffic, the restrictions should not have affected Internet access in Oman.

Internet users and activists in Oman have staged protests since they discovered that their Internet access was being controlled. The more outspoken of the activists were soon detained by authorities in Oman and Jaddad. One protester in Jaddad, a key organizer of pro-reform protests in 2011 in the Dhofar region, called for political and social reforms through his Facebook account and his blog. He advocated better government compliance with international human rights standards until July this year. He was arrested for intimidation although his calls for reform were peaceful.


ProXPN Offers Security for Internet Users

VPN services like proXPN have been helping people all over the world to free their Internet for several years now. Many countries have placed many different types of restrictions on what content can be accessed by their citizens. These VPN services help people to get access to the information and online services they need. ProXPN stands against Internet censorship as a debilitating restriction that robs people of access to valuable information. ProXPN is also calling for people to become better secured online so that they no longer have to battle government actions against their attempts to browse more freely.

Internet security is among the reasons why some governments censor their Internet. But most of the other reasons have their roots in political and religious agendas. Internet security is very important for all Internet users. But they do not need to have websites and Internet services blocked so that they can remain safe online. ProXPN is a VPN provider that allows people free access to the Internet and online security. As people living under regimes that censor their Internet, this online security means more than staying safe from hackers and other cyber criminals. ProXPN provides security for Internet users against snooping that invades their privacy and puts them in danger.

As proXPN provides a shield for activists, journalists, and other Internet users, they consistently call on governments around the world to free the Internet. ProXPN strongly believes in all citizens’ rights to online freedom and privacy. As they protest against all forms of Internet censorship, they put their determination for Internet freedom into action. ProXPN VPN services are continually upgraded to ensure that Internet users worldwide can browse without restriction through the launching of more servers in every part of the world. The proXPN VPN service does not just open Internet access for users, but provides a secure Internet connection. ProXPN users can browse freely and safely, beyond the reach of the different regulatory barriers and monitors.

VPN technology works to shield users from being tracked and monitored by anyone, whether an online thief, their ISP, or the government. The proXPN VPN creates a private tunnel for a user’s traffic to pass through so it stays safe from these prying eyes. From the secure proXPN server, the user gets an alternate IP address that makes them anonymous. This frees users to browse and interact on the Internet without revealing their identities through their real IP addresses. ProXPN provides a private environment with complete anonymity for total safety and freedom online.

ProXPN has been working since 2009 to give Internet users around the world open and safe Internet. As a leading VPN service provider, proXPN offers both free and paid accounts. A proXPN free VPN account is valid for life, limited only by the available connection speeds. ProXPN Premium paid accounts are available for users who want to enjoy unlimited speeds and features like PPTP compatibility for mobile devices and VPN Guard. VPN Guard is a tool that provides additional safety for users by cutting off transfers in case the VPN connection fails. This safeguard ensures that all of the user’s data is encrypted during transmission, and unavailable when system errors occur. ProXPN’s dedication to provide all users equal access to the Internet is what drives them to keep improving their services as they urge users to use their tools to stay safe online.

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