Portugal VPN -Why VPN is Needed in Portugal

VPN systems are common in Portugal nowadays, the internet users subscribe to VPN services to enjoy the limitless benefits of unrestricted browsing. The secure and encrypted data and information exchange is assured by the VPN services.

Economic situation of Portugal:

Portugal is located in South west of Europe. The capital city of Portugal is Lisbon. The Portugal’s economy is a high income and mixed economy. And it is majorly based on trade and the activities related to raw material. Portugal is among the most powerful countries with respect to its wide unexploited areas and natural resources. After 1950, the economy of Portugal recovered from crises and paved on the path of progress and development. A strong structural transformation was brought in the Portugal by the help of foreign investments, trade and emigration and it become integrated with Europe. This transformation brought many organizational, technical and operational complexities and challenges. To solve and overcome these issues and challenges, new and modern ways of management and communication were acquired. Therefore, Portugal VPN was one of the proffered systems to meet these challenges.

Internet Scope in Portugal:

When we talk about the scope of internet in Portugal, first of all we have to look at its population. The population of Portugal is approximately 10.6million. And in 2000 24% of its population was using internet but according to survey of 2010, almost 50% people are using internet. So, we can say the usage of internet is expanding with the passage of time, at high rate. Similarly, the number of internet service providers also increasing. About twenty internet service providers are present in Portugal.

Although, there is no prominent censorship policy in Portugal, but any restriction can be imposed by the agreed upon policies of the European Union.

Why VPN is Needed in Portugal:

Portugal was a country where freedom of speech was the best right possessed by the residents and there were no censorship policies. But in the era of Ferdinand I and then in the days of Estado Novo some issues related to censorship have arisen. And the right of freedom of speech was violated by the government. Several restrictions were imposed on the media, many websites got blocked and many blogs were closed, even few bloggers got arrested. Therefore, people of Portugal wanted a system to overcome these hindrances. And Portugal VPN service providers served very well in this regard.

Portugal vpn

VPN enabled the bloggers with the freedom of speech and Portugal VPN eliminated all the restrictions imposed on media. The subscribers can easily access each and every website anonymously, because, the VPN providers assign a new IP-address of the desired destination to its users.

Another reason was that, the Netflix and few other live streaming channels were not allowed in the Portugal, while these channels are world’s best. As we know that these channels are U.S based. So, the visitors and expatriates in Portugal got irritated when they were unable to access these channels. Because when an internet user in Portugal tries to play Netflix, the server immediately detects and blocks his access. But if someone uses a VPN connection, it will hide his original identity and pose him as U.S internet user.

In addition to the above reasons, a major reason was the increasing number of Cyber crimes, identity thefts, spammers and hackers. None of our communication was secure online. Therefore, the need for privacy and security was very strong. And to fulfill this need, VPN providers came forward with unrestricted access and assured security.

Moreover, there were some social websites loved by the People in Portugal but they were not able to use them. The Portugal VPN crossed this barrier as well.

In businesses, it is not possible t cope with challenges without Using Portugal VPN. The VPN makes your information and data transactions encrypted. A business owner or the manager of MNEs in Portugal, can manage the business units located in different geographical areas with ease by using Portugal VPN services.

How To Select the Best Portugal VPN:

It may seem very complicated to acquire a VPN Service but in fact it is a very simple process. There are various providers in the market, all you need to do, is just to take a thought review of the services provided by these providers and match them against your requirements and budget. But you must be careful about the speed and bandwidth of the Portugal VPN provider.

Hidemyass has been ranked as the top class Portugal VPN provider, because the speed, cost and bandwidth offered by them to Portugal subscribers are good and affordable. Here is the top 5 VPN chart.

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