OverPlay VPN: A Complete Overview

OverPlay VPN is one of the more creative VPN service providers currently operating in the market. This fastest growing VPN provider was established in the year 2009 and has been a comprehensive service provider ever since. The VPN service company keeps expanding its popularity along with its numbers of servers located in more than 45 countries around the world, which helps the service in obtaining immense popularity among users of every country by providing high access speeds as a result of local presence. OverPlay VPN’s widespread servers ensure complete online privacy, security and anonymity, in addition to providing its users the most reliable and easiest way to bypass or get around internet censorships imposed by governments as well as geographic restrictions placed by websites and web services themselves.

Services Offered

In this section of OverPlay VPN review, we will discuss about the basic services offered by the VPN service provider. OverPlay VPN offers two unique services to its users: SmartDNS and GlobalVPN. Both these services have simple procedures and hence are easy to use and you do not require any special or specific technical knowledge to use the same.

SmartDNS uses a special configuration type in order to enable users to unblock all restricted or blocked websites that would be unavailable in their present location. GlobalVPN technique encrypts the online traffic of users and secures their overall online sessions without compromising with the user’s privacy, security and anonymity.

Though both these services offered by OverPlay VPN are exceptional, you will be able to choose only one of those based on your needs. For instance, if your major online activity would be to access online video streaming websites of different countries, most of which would be blocked access in foreign regions, then SmartDNS would help you get around the geographic restriction placed by the website and enable you to access your favorite contents from wherever you are. On the other hand, if your online activities will greatly involve performing important financial transactions or accessing crucial office records, then your prior concern would be to obtain online privacy and security, in which case GlobalVPN would serve to be the best option for your security needs.

Features Offered

Next up on OverPlay VPN review is the features offered to users by the provider. OverPlay VPN uses the best and the most contemporary technology to provide prompt and speedy access to the internet, inclusive of blocked or restricted websites, without regard to the location of the user. In addition to providing a fast and reliable network connection, the VPN provider also ensures that all its users enjoy utmost security and privacy whenever they access the internet, through both public and private network connections. As mentioned earlier, the VPN service provider consists of more than 100 servers located in over 45 different countries, thus enabling users to choose from as much as 12,000 IP addresses, from any country of their choice.

If you reside in or are about to travel to a country with high level of internet censorship practices in place, then OverPlay VPN’s “safe mode” will help you obtain an additional level of security when accessing the internet in those countries, so you get to access all your favorite websites without being monitored and tracked down by the country’s authorities.

OverPlay VPN supports various platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iPad and iPhone, PS3, Apple TV, Android, BoxeeBox, XBOX 360, Roku and much more, making it convenient for users of almost any device to install its client onto their device. Some of the countries in which the VPN service provider operates its servers include Austria, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Norway, New Zealand, Switzerland, UK, USA, etc.

Pricing Plans

SmartDNS service offered by OverPlay VPN is offered at $4.95 per month. Users need not download any kind of software in order start using this service. All that has to be done is a few simple changes in the DNS settings and the user can enjoy unlimited browsing.

When it comes to the GlobalVPN offered by OverPlay VPN, users can sign up for the service at $9.95 per month and can enjoy all comprehensive services that are offered in the SmartDNS package as well. The service imposes absolutely no bandwidth limits on users, enabling them to obtain unlimited access to all websites and web services of their likings.


Customer Support

OverPlay VPN offers 24X7 online chat support to help its users resolve issues at any time of the day. Users will be required to fill in certain personal details along with their query, before getting to the chat window.

On the whole, OverPlay VPN is certainly a reliable service that you can depend on when it comes to your online privacy, security and anonymity.

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