Online threats have increased – 2013 Symantec report

2013 Internet Security Threat Report, latest published news from online security firm Symantec, has left a serious effect on businesses and individuals. The report shows an increasing ratio of the state of cyber crime today, which is a threatening point. Various high profile security hacking cases are in front of us. It means online crime is one the peak and if one is affected, it’s not surprising news anymore. Some of interesting key points highlighted in the report are:

During 2012 targeted attacks were increased by 42%

With this highlighted statistics, one thing is crystal clear that cyber criminals are now attacking to targeted ones rather than any individual. Previously, these attacks were suddenly observed by individual users while browsing online or opening a hazardous email attachment. But now these attacks are one of the special tasks to target any businesses or institutions and harm them by specially designed attacks.

SMBs are more focused

According to the report small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) were affected in a massive amount. 31% of all targeted attacks were solely for SMBs. SMBs is a term, most likely used for companies with 250 employees or fewer. Andy Singer of Symantec said that, the reason after these attacks is SMBs do not have sufficient protection against online threats; another reason can be that they are occasionally used as a first step to a larger attack. It is probably hard to accept that attacking on small business give more benefit than large businesses or institutions.

Major ones are ‘Watering hole’ attacks

Watering hole attacks are one of the prominent types of these attacks and highlighted by the report. Special thing about these attacks is that, they do not affect the business in which malicious codes are planted. They sits at the site and wait for customers to visits. When a customer visits the site it steals valuable and confidential information of customer. In the report published by Symantec, it was noted that about 500 businesses were targeted this way in a single day.

Businesses and individuals should be more cautious online crime after knowing about these three findings of Symantec’s report. You must have an up to date anti-virus software and reliable VPN service, these both will almost minimize the threat of these online attacks. A VPN is the best way to keep you and your important protected against potential online snooping.

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