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Namibia is one of the most fascinating countries in southern Africa. Windhoek is regarded as the capital of the country. It is actively participating globally and member of the AU and the United Nations. The land of Namibia is inhibited by different people. Initially, the Bushmen and Namqua was the resident, but later on it became the colony of German empire in the year 1884. The territory was authorized for South Africa after the consent of the League of Nations in 1920. It was internationally recognized as an independent state in the year 1990. The total number of population is about two million.

If we explore the economy of Namibia, then we realize that it is closely associated with South Africa. Major economic sectors are mining comprising of ten percent and manufacturing thirteen and a half percent of the total GDP in the year 2009. It is reported that fifty percent Namibian people purely dependent on agriculture, whereas mining is responsible for the twenty percent revenue generation for the whole economy. On the other hand, tourism contributes fourteen percent to GDP.

If we talk about the telecom sector, it has been developing rapidly for many years. It has revolutionized the industry sector and taken several steps that have ultimately increased the profitability of business. It is considered to be a proactive player in establishing a communication network across country.

Internet scope in Namibia:

According to latest reports, the users of the internet have been increased up to one hundred and forty eight thousand approximately, which were thirty thousand in the year 2000. The ICT is actively participating to develop internet network. Various ISPs are currently working to make sure the full time connectivity. It is impressive that Fixed and wireless broadband support the extensive internet coverage across Namibia.

Why Namibia needs VPN:

Security has become the important over the internet. Businesses and firms always seek a network that is secure and keep the communication safe from the scams and attacks. Fortunately, this need has been with the help of virtual private network. Namibia VPN not only helping businesses to securely communicates and shares their data across the globe, but it is also assisting a common person by keeping its files sharing secured and anonymous.  This Entertainment is regarded as the ultimate need of the people of the world. An online communication network is blessing for the businesses as well as for a common individual. People aspire to have a service that provides facility of safe web surfing. They may remain protected from the scams and hackers over the internet. This problem has been resolved just because of Namibia VPN.  It makes possible to surf websites that are blocked or they are restricted to a specific area. For instance, Hulu is a website that is particularly available in the United States, but the video library of Hulu can be watched even if you are in Namibia. This is possible because of Namibia VPN that user can browse music and video website according to their own choice.  Furthermore, the need of social networking is increasing day by day. People want to be connected with the latest updates over the internet. This is why they join social networking websites, but they are facing various problems regarding unsecured data sharing. Their important information is misused by the various hackers. This VPN service provides a protection to the user’s surfing over the web.

Benefits of Namibia VPN:

  • It is such an exciting service that will assist in surfing privately.
  • The IP address will be hidden and data will remain safe.
  • Businesses communicate and share data securely.
  • The identity of the user remains anonymous so that no fear of detection from the authorities.
  • Compatible to mostly all devices and facility is really convenient in nature.

It is not easy to select anyone VPN service but three things should be considered while comparing VPN. The cost of the VPN i.e. nominal fee paid against the service. Secondly, how much the VPN service is secure and thirdly, the privacy of user’s data.

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