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With the increase in the use of internet and technology oriented products, the various problems have been come forward regarding the files and data storage. But since a decade, these problems have been solved by numerous well known companies such as Microsoft, google, yahoo, Amazon and others. Now storing your data and files is no longer a problem as you can make use of any of the following options to get yourself facilitated:

  1. Amazon cloud drive: This is the actual drive which can meet your requirements in the real possible way. Amazon is the popular name in this technology world for bringing forth numerous popular books and e books. But recently Amazon has introduced its cloud storage drive, keeping in mind the needs of today’s storage problems. This drive is available at Amazon’s official web site; however it is very unfortunate that it is not free. You would have to purchase it at about 16 USD.
  2. Apple iCloud: The name of Apple Inc is already in due to its extreme involvement in launching numerous eyes catching and user friendly tablets, iphones, cell phones, hand sets, personal computers and laptops. But wait, this is not the end of its creativity, as Apple iCloud is the prior cloud storage choice of Apple lovers. Now various problems of data storage and synchronization can be solved in even your hand sets, tables and iphones, as Apple has facilitated its users to have access to its iCloud in the form of built in software. But the drawback of this app is that it sometimes not let its users upload and download their files with a great speed.
  3. Bitcasa: It is a technically used cloud storage device. Although it is less popular than the other names such as Apple iCloud, Google documents, Drop box as well as Amazon cloud drive, but still in offices and multinational companies, Bitcasa is one of the leading and trusted names to go with.
  4. Cubby: Cubby Drive is the new name in the cloud storage Providers. But its makers have brought it forward with numerous extra facilities and of course its awesome promotion and marketing has made it one of the prior choices of the people around the globe. Cubby provides its users an easy to access user interface which can help them store their official files in a password saved lock folder. Not only this but its storage data capacity is much better and fast to access, and all this make Cubby an ideal choice for both personal and professional uses.
  5. IDriveSync: This file synchronization program is available ot its users free of cost. So, you need not to invest any thing initially to get IDriveSync. Just like google drive, it is easy to use and fast to access with the help of your email address. But its free version is only available as a trial for a limited time. When ever the trial period expires, you would have to make a payment to access it.

Also here is the list of Top 10 Cloud storage Providers  that you can find the best cloud storage providers of cloud industry.

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