Keep Your Computer Safe While You’re Traveling

When we access the internet from our homes and offices, we take all sorts of precautions to make sure that our computers, and the data we’re storing on them and sending to others, are secure. We set up firewalls and virus checkers and secure our internet connections and, for those of us concerned about censorship issues, use Virtual Private Networks to keep our web surfing secure and anonymous. Happily, it turns out that a VPN will keep your computer just as safe while you’re traveling as it does when you’re at home.

Keep Your Computer Safe From Hackers While You’re Traveling

All a hacker needs to access your data is for you to be using an unsecured public connection, because a hacker is as welcome to log on to that WiFi hotspot as you are. Once the hacker has identified you, it’s a simple matter of using data sniffing and other disreputable means to access your data, access your files while they’re in transit and, by doing so, make themselves privy to your most personal details and secret work files. A VPN protects you from this by encrypting all the data that leaves your computer and arrives on it; if a hacker were to get hold of your data, they would be unable to translate it to anything remotely usable.

Keep Your Computer Safe

Keep Your Computer Safe From Prying Eyes While You’re Traveling

In certain countries, censorship is a real issue. Governments are apt to restrict access to certain websites, even going so far as to ban social media websites, for reasons that may have to do with culture, politics or even finance. If you’re traveling abroad and want to access the websites that the country you are visiting has banned, you may find yourself in trouble with the authorities. A VPN not only alters your IP address to grant you access to those banned sites, it keeps your web surfing completely anonymous and makes it almost impossible for any interested party to trace you.

Keep Your Computer Safe From Data Theft While You’re Traveling

If you’re traveling abroad for work, you will probably want to send documents back to your office and receive files from your colleagues and superiors. Especially when sending through a public internet connection, you are once more at the mercy of the virus spreaders and data thieves who would like nothing more than to gain access to the work documents containing all your latest contracts and ideas. The tunnel that a VPN sets up to transfer your data back and forth is completely secured and encrypted, making it virtually impossible for a hacker or thief to get their sticky fingers on your documents. That’s an advantage a business person wouldn’t want to be without – and can also be a comfort if you’re trying to do online banking while abroad or want to send personal documents back home.

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