Keep and Access Voice/Text Note on Google Keep

It happens many times that you have some short notes to stock up and you don’t find good places to keep them save. It is Google who has again ascertained your need and brought Google Keep application for you. Now it’s quite easy for you to save your quick notes in this application. After saving them, you can access them right from Google Drive, cloud document storage service of Internet Giant.

What Can you keep in Google Keep?

When you install a Google keep application then you are free to do following things:

  • You can save your short notes about some tasks that you always want to do and don’t want to forget about them.Whenever some thoughts hit you mind then you don’t wait. Just tap on this application and keep the complete record of your thoughts.
  • You can create checklist or even you can add checkboxes to your available notes.
  • Voice notes can also be kept in this application. In addition, you can try transcription of voice notes automatically.
  • Image notes can also be saved in this android application. You can add some notes to the image of your choice and then to browse these images whenever you want.

How Does Google Keep Facilitate You?

If you want to keep the full record of your ideas and thoughts then it is Google Keep that offers a robust platform for you. It makes it simple for you to create notes about important things and then to access all notes right from your Google Drive account. If you don’t have a Google account then you can sign up for you as it is free of cost. Google Drive is a cloud storage service that permits every Google users to create word, spreadsheets, and presentations on Cloud and then to access them from anywhere and any device. In the same manner, Google Keep works for you. Every image, text or voice note that you save in this application can easily be checked from Drive. You can access all such notes from your PC or android devices.

Google Keep

Three Best Features of Google Keep

Although this service of Google is equipped with many features but I would like to share three best features of it.

  1. Color-Coding:  Definitely, you will have a lot of notes to store for. In order to differentiate notes from one another you can use color-code option. You can give different colors to diverse notes. In this way, you will be able to find a specific note through its color.
  2. Camera Button: This button allows you to quickly add a picture into a given note and then to add a caption into this image.
  3. Easy to Use Interface: You will find it easy to work with Google Keep because it brings intuitive interface for you. It is quite simple to create text and image note. You can tap on text to voice transcription for making an audio note.

Google Keep is indeed one of the best quick note posting services. This service has a direct competition with Evernote, Catch and Springpad. If you do a comparison of Google Keep with its competitors then you come to know that Google has to do some improvements; if it wants to compete well in the note storage market. However, if you don’t want to keep note for long term then no doubt, Google Keep is the best service to try for.

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