June VPN Provider Updates – 2

Here is our second batch of June updates from our top VPN providers. ExpressVPN announced their OpenMedia partnership and now allows up to three device connections. VyprVPN has added a new payment option and partnered with QNAP, while mother company Golden Frog attends Computex and a new i2c award for Internet Community Leadership is launched in honor of Golden Frog’s co-founder.

ExpressVPN OpenMedia Partnership and Device Policy

ExpressVPN has always supported OpenMedia projects that fight for an open and free Internet for everyone. ExpressVPN believes that the Internet should be available to everyone and be kept safe from companies and governments that want to control it for profit and use it as a tool for spying.

OpenMedia’s Save the Link campaign has stood against the European Union proposals to charge a tax on hyperlinks to copyrighted material. Everyone on the Internet would have to pay a fee for publishing a link to copyrighted content. Not providing links to avoid paying the tax would result in a kind of censorship since many links to important information would no longer be openly available to Internet users around the world. The petition against this policy can be signed at http://www.savethelink.org/eu. The Stop the Secrecy campaign is about fighting against the TPP, which threatens online freedoms by criminalizing online activities and imposing Internet censorship. The TPP will also force Internet users to spend more to stay connected. You can show your support for this campaign by adding your name to the 3 million who have already signed at https://stopthesecrecy.net/. No Fake Internet is a fight against Internet.org, the aggressively marketed Facebook campaign. Free Internet and global access are things that ExpressVPN and OpenMedia agree with, but the Internet.org campaign is not as charitable as it is made to look. ExpressVPN wants to see the world enjoy the real Internet, not some Facebook version of it that can be controlled and manipulated to suit the company’s long term goals. Internet.org offers only a selection of online services that Facebook has the power to prioritize over other services, which means that Zuckerberg holds online freedoms by the neck in communities where people have no choice but to accept Facebook’s terms. To help fight against these threats to privacy, innovation, open access and free speech, you can add your signature to the petition at https://nofakeinternet.org/.

To make it easier for users to secure their Internet experience in this age of multiple cyber threats, ExpressVPN has modified its device policy. ExpressVPN subscribers can now add up to three devices to their VPN plan. This means up to three VPN connections running simultaneously for a single plan payment. Users can now add the ExpressVPN app to three of their devices so that they stay protected with seamless ease as they switch from one device to another. It also serves to protect family members as they go about their different online activities at the same time, whether at home or on the go. ExpressVPN simultaneous connections are available on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

VyprVPN Accepts Alipay and Launches QNAP VPN; GoldenFrog Attends Computex and Co-Founder Gets i2c Award

Golden Frog’s VPN service VyprVPN can now be paid for using Alipay, a popular global digital wallet. Adding payment options helps more users access the secure VPN service that VyprVPN provides, which is one of the company’s goals. Alipay is most popular in China, which also means a better chance for users in this heavily censored country to get VPN protection. The option to pay via Alipay has been added to the VPN payment methods for new customers and those upgrading from the free VyprVPN version. Soon, existing paid subscribers will also be able to renew using Alipay. There are also other new payment options in the works, so we will be updating you all on this as information becomes available. Users can also contact VyprVPN to give their suggestions for payment options that they would like to see in the future.

There is a new VyprVPN app available that is compatible with QNAP, provider of quality network appliances. QNAP offers the first in NAS solutions for home and office use. VyprVPN will soon be available for use with QNAP QTS 4.2.2 devices. This partnership extends VPN protection to QTS 4.2.2 users so they can enjoy better privacy and security. VyprVPN is also working on support for additional QNAP QTS device versions that are also built on the super secure VyprVPN SDK that was developed for easy device integration. VyprVPN for QNAP ensures that subscribers will get the fast and easy VyprVPN experience for 256-bit OpenVPN and PPTP connections.

Golden Frog’s Partnerships are growing, and they have shown their true dedication to improving customer solutions by their attendance at the Taiwan Computex. At this global information and communication technology (ICT) conference, the major thrust was Building Partnerships in Internet Computing Ecosystems. Golden Frog believes is developing cross-platform compatibility as technology quickly grows so that everyone can stay protected no matter what technologies they are using, and where.

As a further testament to Golden Frog’s dedication to security for all, the company’s co-founder Ron Yokubaitis was just named as the very first recipient of the i2Coalition’s Internet Community Leadership Award. Yokubaitis was at the Smarter Internet Forum in Philadelphia to receive the award from i2C founder and executive director Christian Dawson in recognition of his efforts to continue the fight for a free and open Internet. To further honor this digital pioneer, the award with henceforth be known as the Ron Yokubaitis Award for Internet Community Leadership.

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