iVPN on Security in 2014

Passwords and mobile security were both on the top of the list of hot topics in 2013. They are both related to the growing concern over Internet privacy and security. top global VPN iVPN shared some data on password use and Android app concerns that can help people increase their data privacy and security in 2014.

The Worst Passwords

Surprisingly, despite all the news about deteriorating online security, people are still using the same old terrible passwords. iVPN reports that according to SplashData, passwords like 123456, password, qwerty and abc123, 111111 and iloveyou are still on the top 10 list. Many sites have published numerous articles on password security and what not to use as passwords. But people apparently haven’t listened.

Attackers routinely go through lists of commonly used passwords just like the ones listed above. If you are using a password like these, you will be breached in a matter of minutes once you are targeted. It is very strange that people have used these types of passwords over the years even when so many have become victims of hacking and account and identity theft.

Android Security

One of the biggest threats to Android security is still Android apps. Most apps for Android phones are free. Android is open source, so thousands of developers around the world regularly develop and share apps. Some of these apps are legit and OK to use. But some of them were created with the specific purpose of compromising your phone’s security. They can be loaded with malware that helps attackers take or your device, steal data, use your contacts to launch scams, and so much more.

It’s not always easy to know if you are using a bad app, but you can check for signs based on the permissions that the app requests for. For example, if it wants to access SMS when it is not a messaging related app, get rid of it. Similarly, contacts and location access should raise alarms if the apps have nothing to do with managing contacts or GPS functions. As much as possible, get your apps only from the more trusted sources where apps are verified and tested before they are offered to the public..


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