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Despite being originally created by a UK national, the internet has been a subject of distaste in the last decade or so with the UK government openly disapproving online freedom and privacy. In comparison with other countries, UK is considered to be the most rigorous in implementing actions against liberty in the World Wide Web. Here are some of the things we know about the massive online attacks happening in Britain.

The Snoopers’ Charter

Formally known as the Communications Capability Development Programme, The “Snoopers’ Charter” was the government’s arm that would have been set to materialize in 2014 were it not for a leakage to the press sometime after its conception. The frenzy that followed it caused coalition consorts particularly the Liberal Democrats to resist the bill that will supposedly allow ISP monitoring of people’s internet activities. This includes all social media and emails.

EU Data Retention Directive

While everyone is talking about PRISM and how big its impact could be on the internet world, a plan of action is already legally operating. The EU Data Retention Directive started operations in 2006 in most countries in the European Union and is probably the most scandalous anti-cyber privacy act to come to the western world. This directive legalizes the recording of electronic communications by the ISPs during subscriptions and storing of personal information for two years maximum after people are out of service.

In fairness to EU, the UK Labour government started implementing data retention efforts in support of anti-terrorism even before it became widespread in Europe. The government actually instituted this type of data retention after 9/11.

Porn Filter

UK politicians, or doom merchants rather, have genially crafted a deceiving scheme to scare off netizens and families who are not able to read between the lines. While there is an underlying reason for the UK porn filter on the web, the government and the Home Office made it big on the propaganda of avoiding child pornography. If you are easily fooled, you would think this is such a great idea, especially if you are a parent with kids in probable danger of accessing porn. The problem is this ISP-level porn filter is not really what people think it is. It’s just a medium controlled by the government to exercise absolute freedom in manipulating online content.

People who know about this censorship scheme will know how ridiculous its mandate is, disallowing off-topic content such as those labeled as “esoteric” and VPN sites. And so aside from putting VPN providers out of business, this filter will have VPN loyalists literally begging their ISPs to turn on stuff for them. But this thing is far from happening with VPN sites successfully disseminating information on the incongruities going on behind closed doors.

Voice of Change

Is there anything you can do? Yes. Fortunately, in the heat of mass cyber invasions, using VPN is one way of supporting the campaign for online privacy and security. That’s not even the best part. With IVPN, one of the top-rated global VPN providers, you can secure your internet connection and have unlimited bandwidth.

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