iVPN Against Australia Stored Searches

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) wants to retain telecom customer data. For many this includes their Internet search traffic since they are often tied together. They want to do this because Australians have begun to use top VPNs like iVPN to protect their data.

ASIO Data Retention

ASIO claims that the Snowden revelations on Internet spying have pushed Australians to use data encryption. They now want to push for regulations that make telecoms keep internet and telephone user data for up to two years. Many Australian law enforcement agencies support the ASIO in calling for data retention policies. ASIO wants to retain metadata, which would record IP addresses, websites visited, email subjects and addresses.

Australians aren’t just using VPNs and other anonymizing tools to protect themselves from the NSA. Many of them don’t want any agency spying on their private emails or surfing habits. With IPVanish, they are able to keep their activities private. Browsing can remain anonymous with a VPN and by setting your browser to not record your browsing history. You can use one of many servers around the country to use anonymous IP addresses as well. You should switch to a private email provider, though, so that your email metadata doesn’t get scooped up by your provider and sent to ASIO.


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