IPVanish VPN Mac Client v.1.1 Release

Finally IPVanish VPN has announced their plans to release v1.1 for MAC OS VPN.  This is certain excellent news for those who have Mac OS 10.6.8 as this has been the news that many have been waiting for a very long time now.  It is only recently when IPVanish VPN announced that they would include Mac OS VPN to their database; this means that anyone looking to use IPVanish VPN with their Mac OS computers, will have a pain free set up.

There are many good features that come with IPVanish VPN including;

  • An Fully Customized Auto Connection Option
  • Install Wizard
  • Easy To Sort Servers
  • Easy Transfers For Protocols And VPN Servers
  • And A Virtual Private Network Connection Update Status

IPVanish VPN does have a very good package on offer and you will only have to pay out six dollars and forty nine cents every month.  This is certainly a very good price especially when it comes to staying safe and protected online.  You will be able to keep your online identity a secret and private from everyone.  Your data that you are inputting online, including passwords, user names and financial data is kept secure at all times.

You will be able to choose your own IP address or location in the world.  You will be able to choose from twenty one different virtual private network options as IPVanish VPN have over fifty six different servers located in the world.  You will of course to be able stay protected at any Wi-Fi hotspots around internet cafes and even at home also.

IPVanish VPN does offer a fantastic online privacy service that will support any Mac computer system.  What is more, you are going to be able to use Open VPN for your Mac OS X operating system but you will be able to stay fully protected at all times.  You will be able to configure Mac Client V1.1 with ease but you will get protocols options such as L2PT and PPTP as well as Open VPN.  You could also choose the unlimited IPVanish VPN plan which will only cost ten dollars a month or for the yearly plan, only seventy seven dollars.

Check out IPvanish VPN for more details

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