IPVanish on Router Upgrades

Why is it important to upgrade your router? Here, leading VPN provider IPVanish explains why Internet users should keep their routers up to date.

Upgrade to FlashRouters for Better Security and Convenience

Using FlashRouters with your IPVanish subscriptions gives you a lot of benefits. First, you get a more convenient experience. VPN connectivity is so much easier with the IPVanish partnership with FlashRouters. IPVanish provides you with free VPN apps, easy to follow setup tutorials and round the clock customer service for technical support. And FlashRouters offers easy to install routers that are already configured to run the IPVanish VPN. FlashRouters setup is also free and very easy to do, especially with the pre-configured devices. You can do away with installation CDs and extensive form fields to fill up.

Using IPVanish pre-configured FlashRouters also gives you better quality Internet speed and security. The plug and play routers from FlashRouters with IPVanish already configured makes streaming easy and fast. You won’t need to keep rebooting and will have clear Wi-Fi signals. You get the best routers and fast VPN speeds. And you will get better audio and video quality as well with dual band coverage. With the IPVanish VPN, you are also protected from connection hijacking, data mining, ISP throttling and government monitoring. And this all comes as soon as you plug in your pre-configured router and log on to your VPN. Order your DD-WRT IPVanish FlashRouter today and start streaming safely to your heart’s content.


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