IPVanish and Internet Censorship in Europe

The latest censorship news from Europe indicates that they are holding true to the consensus on beefing up website blocks. Some countries have already implemented new policies that are going to radically change the Internet landscape.

The European Internet Landscape

Several countries across the European continent have already implemented blocks on file sharing sites. One of the first block ordered by the court was against the popular Pirate Bay. But other countries are taking further steps. In Italy, sites can be blocked without the need for court proceedings. In the UK, ISPs are voluntarily censoring websites. These are called parental controls but are enabled by default for all connections. And this is aside from the blocks that have been already ordered by the UK High Court.

One problem with this widening censorship is that non-offensive websites are being run over in the process. This has happened before, and it seems that censorship technologies have not been able to overcome the technical troubles that cause it. There was an uproar in the UK when anti-abuse charity websites were blocked along with sites deemed offensive for their abusive content. Obviously, the filters still aren’t working right.

IPVanish to Regain Access

People cannot keep putting up with technical troubles. When connection and access issues keep surfacing, they naturally look for ways to correct the errors themselves. IPVanish as one of the leading VPNs is one of the tools they pick up to regain access to wrongfully blocked content. A VPN like IPVanish allows users to access these websites despite censorship technology blunders.

VPNs like the one offered by IPVanish is also used for protection against online spying, hacking and data mining. People who access blocked content, even sites that aren’t supposed to be blocked, are immediately suspect. They are often placed under closer surveillance without evidence as a precaution. But their lives do not need to be exposed to any degree without reason. So IPVanish protects them from unwarranted snooping as well while they stay safe from other online dangers.


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