Interpol Chief enforces cooperation against Cyber Crime

For the sake of improving internet security, The Secretary General of Interpol, Mr. Ronald K Noble, has suggested law enforcement agencies and internet privacy companies all over the globe, to come forward, combine and cooperate with each other to take control over threats of cyber crime.

A conference was arranged on cyber crime at Georgetown University in which Mr. Noble shared these words. Cyber crimes investigating law enforcement officials, must reach a destination to take control of these crimes like internet frauds, identity thefts, and others in various countries.

Law enforcement agencies face various difficulties because of the entire process of negotiating through changing legal procedures and cannot maintain a required pace of investigation, Mr. Noble said.

He also said that cooperation and coordination for cyber security as well as cyber crime purpose among various countries, is not good enough responsive. That’s why cyber criminals such as hackers and data thieves could manage to dodge law enforcement personnel and slip away easily.

Mr. Noble’s address at the conference provided various main points to focus to ensure internet security, one of those was his strict emphasis on law enforcement agencies and private internet security companies like VPN service providers and anti-virus providers to better coordinate and cooperate.

The very first of this kind of conference is scheduled to hold in the French city of Lyon in July 2013 to focus on prevention of Cyber Crime and promotion of Online Safety. Interpol will host the conference and the entire focus will be on how coordination between Interpol and law enforcement agencies can be better in all over the world to ensure internet security and further improve online safety. Interpol will also shed light on how to make better cyber crime monitoring around the world to control cyber crime.

Till the conference gets out some positive results and improvement in online security, we should keep using solid VPN service to ensure internet security as much as we can.

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