How to Increase PayPal Security using VPN

We have all heard the horror stories when it comes to the topic of online finance. Individuals put their credit card and banking information online all the time and then the next thing you know…BAM. $12,000 spent in a country you’ve never even heard of before. There is no shame in admitting that the risks involved with online banking, credit cards and even PayPal accounts are a tad scary to consider. But what we don’t have to do is sit around, twiddle our thumbs and patiently wait to get hacked. There are a number of different services that can be implemented towards increasing the security of your PayPal account in order to minimize and in some cases, even prevent the possibility of being hacked. One of the most significant ones which will be touched upon in this article are VPN’s or virtual private networks.


PayPal is easily one of the safer and simpler methods of online shopping and finance transfer to anyone all over the globe. Think of the service as a little Swiss bank account which can be topped up and used almost anywhere online without that messy problem of revealing all your personal banking details to a strange website. Although, this brings about a new problem. PayPal ensures that the financial information is secure over purchases, but what ensures PayPal itself is secure? The answer to this isn’t short, the service is actually very adept at tracking payments and login details of its users. But for some of us, that simply isn’t enough.

Protecting your PayPal

One of the single most ideal ways in which to secure your PayPal information is to use a virtual private network. The whole purpose of a VPN is to create a personal, private chasm which protects searchable content and isn’t privy to anyone looking to score some easy money. The obvious benefit of this are that you have further secured your PayPal’s protection by preventing your information from being hacked or tracked by outside users.

As for figuring out how to acquire a VPN provider in order to protect you PayPal account, there are a number of great services which provide excellent security to your security dilemma. Some of the more notable ones include PureVPN, StrongVPN and HideMyAss which are all capable of protecting your online purchases and helping you feel more secure. Although each of these services bring different aspects to the table when it comes to VPN protection, they are all more than capable to prevent the threat of online hacking.

Now, not all of us are desktop computer and laptop users. There are dozens of online alternatives nowadays for purchasing online goods and services which could require PayPal. Don’t just let your computer be the only secure device in your house. Virtual Personal Networks can be used for iPads, Smartphones, tablets and just about anything else that has internet access. You work hard for you money, there’s no sense in handing it over to someone else. Secure your PayPal with VPN’s and reap the rewards of comfort and security.

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