How to Get an American IP Address in the UK

Getting an American IP address when you travel to the UK will have its benefits. Many American websites are not accessible to anyone outside the United States, including the United Kingdom. Sites like Hulu, Veoh, Netflix, CBS, NBC, ABC and all of the cable stations that show your favorite American programs or movies. In order to get an America IP address in the UK, you will need to find the best Virtual Private Network that offers American services.

Get US IP In UK Through a VPN

The way you get an America IP in UK is by making a secure connection between a VPN’s server inside the United States and your Internet accessing device, whether it is a computer, smartphone, tablet or laptop. You make this connection by first finding a VPN service that offers American IP addresses, then subscribing to that service.

After you have subscribed to the VPN service, you can set up your service so anytime you get on the Internet, you do so through a secured VPN and get US IP in UK. The VPN works like a tunnel running under the Internet connection you would receive from the UK ISP. Instead of getting on the worldwide web from this ISP in the UK, you encrypt your connection and get on the Internet through the VPN’s encrypted server in the US. This way you get an American IP address assigned to you, even though you are in the UK.

Finding a VPN to Get American IP in UK

The hardest thing you will face when it comes to getting US IP in UK, is finding one that offers everything you need, including an assigned IP address. You have to ensure that the VPN connects to your device, offers fast connection speed so you can watch movies or TV programs, has the right security protocols and, most importantly, has servers in America. Without a server in America, you will never be able to get US IP in UK assigned to you.

Since this is such a problem, you must search diligently through the hundreds of VPN services offered on the Internet. This take time and becomes frustrating, making you choose a VPN that may not be suited to your needs. You also know that most of the VPN review sites are written by the VPN services themselves, which means that they are writing positive reviews so you will purchase their service.

However, there are independent review sites, such as this one, that sift through each VPN and offer an objective review of what each VPN provider offers, including everything mentioned above.

Best VPN to Get US IP in UK

Our experts from all over the world, including the UK, have went to great lengths to look at all the VPN services and find the best one to get American IP in UK and provide you with the best connections. Here is a list of the five best US VPN services so you can connect to a American server and get a US IP assigned to you to watch everything available to every US resident.

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