How to Detect and Avoid ATM Skimming Frauds

ATM skimming frauds have increased a lot these days and here we are going to discuss in detail about some of the effective ways for you to detect and avoid ATM skimming frauds. For those who are not aware of what ATM skimming fraud is! Well, it is nothing but using illegal card reading devices at ATMs to steal all the card and PIN details for illegal use. It is none other than identity theft of debit cards. The usage of ATMs have increased and with this the number of frauds have also doubled up rapidly. This particular fraud is highly popular in Europe, US and Canada. Tourists are the ones who get trapped a lot which is why it is important to stay aware of these actions and prevent further damage to your financials.

ATM Skimming

Skimming is mainly done in machines that are not located in the vicinity of the bank i.e. in a shopping mall, restaurant, gas station, etc. Hot tourists destinations across the above mentioned countries are known to be the prime victim spots. Card reading machine is one of the most prominent tool used by frauds to steal your valuable card details. This card reading machine will read all the data on your card as you swipe on it. Hidden camera will also be installed in the keyboard input section in order to determine your ATM pin. Using this the fraudster will create a duplicate debit card and use it to drain your bank account without your knowledge.

Detect ATM Skimming

ATM skimming fraud can be detected by checking out all the different components of the machine to check whether they are original or not. One main aspect of an ATM machine is its robust design construction. Since it is designed to withstand tough impacts you can definitely check for the loose components and if you do find some, then they are illegally attached devices. Check for skimming devices which might be located all around the machine as well. Just a scan of the machine with your naked eye will give you an idea on any illegally attached devices. Trying to use a legit ATM is the best bet to stay away from these frauds. Do not go and withdraw cash from machines that might be located in a dark alley or so on. Always make sure to cover your hand when entering your PIN. Maintaining a fairly low account balance is an excellent option as well thereby you will not face serious consequences. Check your bank account quite often to know the status of your account. Threats come in different forms so it is always necessary to ensure that you are aware of a few so always keep an eye out for danger.

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