How File Sharing Poses Serious Threats to Its Users

Without a doubt, almost everyone gets himself involved with file sharing on the Internet these days. Whether you’re downloading today’s hottest music videos, movies or software, file sharing is the most convenient way to go get these. Originally, file sharing was intended to facilitate transfer of data from and to a user of a specific computer network. File sharing works when one person creates a folder in his own computer and makes this available to others by sharing it to them so they are able to access the contained files from the folder, too.

One of the pioneers that introduced the concept of file sharing through peer-to-peer program is Napster. Napster is said to be the proponent of media file sharing on the Internet for video, mp3 and other media file sharing. Eventually, BitTorrent got into the scene and brought the idea of file sharing into a new form. This also lets users from different parts of the world to access each other’s hard drives so files are readily accessed by other designated users too. Other programs still continue to emerge after these two front-runners have prevailed and still continue to help Internet users download any file they want.

But Wait, Why Is File Sharing Dangerous?

However, the idea of file sharing isn’t just all about the benefit it brings. In line with the practice of file sharing is the issue of your computer, Smartphone or your identity’s security lapses whenever you’re doing it. Although each file sharing activity varies from one case to another, the system generally works alike in most situations.

Most people would agree that the idea of file sharing is inherently dangerous. When you’re sharing files, you might open personal information and other data cached in your computer and unconsciously share it to strangers around the web. Consequently, you happen to share some, if not most of your Word or Office documents, Videos and images, or worse your financial and private data to unknown users on the net.

File Sharing

What Else Happens When You’re File Sharing

Another horror to file sharing is that some files may contain viruses while others may have accompanying malwares, spywares or adwares produced by hackers to gain access to your computer’s interior. They often name these virused files after today’s most popular songs and when you’re done downloading, it wouldn’t play. Only to find out that your computer is infected and already malfunctioning.

With all these threats imposed by file sharing, many countries have passed a bill that suggests blocking of various websites for file sharing while other nations have already put restrictions on these, despite strong opposition by their citizens. Some of these countries include UK, India and New Zealand.

How Do I Protect My Computer from These Threats

The most practical way to avoid the dangers brought by file sharing is to get yourself a VPN. Having a VPN connection in your computer devices or smartphones is the best protection you can have against any form of malware attack when you’re file sharing. VPN provides you total security against wicked activities on the World Wide Web by encrypting every data coming to and from your device so they are unreadable to everyone.

The concept of having a VPN in your computers is like having a built in powerful anti malware application that generally helps protect your computer, thus protecting your overall identity. This being said, you are relieved from all worries of file sharing threats plus you are able to unblock all file sharing websites available so you can freely download and share anything that you want. So get a VPN now and enjoy sharing!

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