HMA Pro VPN for Twitter

A lot of people who follow various Internet security tips ask the question whether it is necessary to use a VPN for Twitter. The answer that HideMyAss gives is yes, and we agree. A VPN like the HMA Pro VPN is an important tool for online security. It covers the Internet security vulnerabilities that other tools do not. You get traffic encryption and private tunneling, plus reliable IP hiding.

VPN Anti-Tracking, IP Hiding and Encryption

Regardless of whether or not you opt out of tracking and delete your browsing history and use free privacy tools, you can still be in danger. You simply cannot trust all services to respect your requests not to be tracked. The power is in their hands, not yours. And there are so many companies that do not even offer this option. Your ISP for one is a big loophole. Some ISPs are under orders from government authorities to track user activities. Others do it without even being asked. So, from the very start, you are already being monitored. Then there’s all the websites and marketers who actively seek out any and all data on users that they can get their hands on to sell.

Most other security services don’t securely hide user IP addresses. They can be exposed, and this is where the trouble starts. Hackers, thieves and other third parties for profit use your IP address to get information about you. Also, your data may be encrypted by a service, but your traffic is not. So you are still susceptible to scams and malware infection that will render data encryption moot. You need a VPN service like HMA to cover these bases for all-around Internet security.


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