HMA on Press Freedom

HMA is a top VPN provider dedicated to providing people everywhere with the tools to keep their Internet open and free. Freedom of speech is a right that not all peoples of the world can enjoy. In many countries, freedoms are curtailed to prevent people from speaking out against the harsh treatment of their governments.

Freedom of Speech in China

Just a few days ago, a New York Times journalist was forced to leave China. The US and China had been in negotiations regarding US journalists in China. But Austin Ramzy was nevertheless kicked out. Journalists working for US news organizations have always had a hard time getting permission to work in China. It often takes months and even years for their visa to be approved.

Authoritarian governments relentlessly attempt to control the speech and actions of their citizens. And they also try to silence foreign opinions and hinder the publication of foreign news reports. Chinese Internet filters block out many US news and other websites to prevent their people from accessing the content there. Journalists from the US and other countries have tried to tell the stories of countless individuals and organizations suffering in China. But this recent action shows that the Chinese government is only increasing efforts to curb free speech.

HMA Restores Freedoms of Speech

With a VPN from HMA, everyone around the world can access whatever content they want. And behind an HMA VPN, journalists are free to publish their reports online without fear of retaliation from the government. China continues to limit the presence of foreign journalists in their country. But those who succeed in retaining their visas can continue to report the news as it happens when they have VPN protection. Chinese authorities will not accuse them of any type of imagined ill conduct when they are reporting anonymously.

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