HMA on Li-Fi Technology

HMA is excited about a new technology called Light Fidelity that could be the future of Wi-Fi. Nicknamed Li-Fi to emphasize the connection, this wireless technology delivers high speed internet through an LED bulb.

What is Li-Fi?

As surprising as it may sound, Li-Fi can really give internet speeds up to 150Mbps. And it just uses light to do it. Light Fidelity is going to make use of light frequencies to send data. Li-Fi is still in the developmental stages, but many are already talking about it as the future substitute for Wi-Fi.

The way that Light Fidelity sends data is through a microchip. This chip will be what handles the signals, manipulating data transfer commands by turning LED bulbs on and off. The switching happens at an incredible rate of speed to allow for nearly instant data transmission. We are not sure yet how many people can use a single Li-Fi setup simultaneously, but scientists say that it can currently support up to four users.

Li-Fi’s main attractions apart from high speeds are that it is inexpensive, energy-saving, more secure, and can handle much greater volumes of data. Light cannot pass through walls like radio waves can, so Li-Fi is confined to the area in which the light that carries the signal is produced. This makes it more secure than Wi-Fi. But of course the light emitter that controls the data must be in range for the signal to be carried. Also, since light has a wider spectrum, bigger bunches of data can be easily carried by Li-Fi as compared to Wi-Fi. So as long as the Li-Fi setup allows for optimal use while preventing piggy-backing, it has the potential to be both the fastest and most secure wireless internet technology.

 Li-Fi Technology

How Soon can we Expect Li-Fi?

HMA hopes to see Li-Fi in action very soon. It is set to make its debut in China before the end of the year. The Chinese group that was responsible for successfully achieving the speeds mentioned above has announced that it will showcase the new technology at the China International Industry fair. HMA also waits to hear from the German institute Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz. Scientists there claimed they were able to get 3Gbs during their experiments with Light Fidelity.

VPNs on Li-Fi

VPN services have been preparing for this new wireless wonder. We can expect to see new VPN app versions compatible with Li-Fi technology within a few months after its release. Many people are going to want to get their hands on Li-Fi to test it out. But the top VPN providers won’t want them to be going online unprotected. It may take some time to make sure that the new VPN apps are working perfectly before they release them for public use. But it’s better to be safe than to feel safe behind a VPN that isn’t up to the task of keeping you safe.

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