HMA Free VPN for Turkey

When HideMyAss heard about the Twitter ban in Turkey, the team decided to take action. They want to give their support to Internet users in Turkey. So this top VPN provider is offering their services for free during the ban.

Turkey Twitter Ban

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan strikes again, banning Twitter. He already had Facebook and YouTube banned early this month. Now Internet users in Turkey cannot access Twitter. The prime minister was upset over allegations of corruption and this is why he banned the popular sites. He claims that these sites were being used to spread lies. He called them menaces to society and had them blocked completely.

Turkey earlier issued a court order that required Twitter to remove certain links from their site. Twitter did not comply, and this is the reason the Turkish government is giving for having Twitter blocked. They stated that citizens had complained about the links. These complaints have not been verified. What is documented is that Twitter users have been targeting the Turkish government. The information on Twitter that they requested to remove related to the leaked recordings of the prime minister instructing his son on how to manage certain large sums of money collected. Turkish elections are on March 30, and this is what prompted Erdoğan to order the bans.

HMA Free Turkey VPN

In response to the Twitter ban in Turkey, HMA has decided to offer their VPN services for free. HMA believes in free Internet, so they want to help Turkish Internet users get back on Twitter. They will also be able to access any other blocked websites with HMA. All existing HMA PRO! VPN users can get the free HMA VPN offer. If they have registered through a Turkish mobile, the free service is automatically applied. Other HMA users in Turkey can email HMA customer support. Just put “Twitter Ban” in the subject line and customer support will process the request. Those who are not HMA customers need to get a week’s subscription from HMA via SMS. This subscription will then be automatically extended.


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