HMA Anti-Tracking Proof

Virtual Private Networks are used by thousands of internet users all over the world to keep them safe from tracking. Yet many others do not believe that VPNs can really prevent third parties from discovering who they are and where they have been online. Now there is proof. ChillingEffects published a report that proves a top VPN like HMA Pro! can help users regain and maintain online privacy.

HMA Pro! Stops DCMA Notices

DCMA notices are regularly sent to internet service providers in the US. These notices inform the ISPs of copyright infringements. And the ISPs are bound by law to pass the notices on to the subscribers who are accused of piracy. But if the pirate cannot be identified, there is no way to know where to send the notice. An anonymizing tool like the HMA Pro! VPN really does protect internet users from being forced into cash settlements presented by companies tasked to retrieve losses suffered by violated media companies.

HMA Pro! Prevents Six-Strikes Penalties

The Six-Strikes agreement upheld by several US ISPs is also stopped dead in its tracks by VPNs. ISPs see only the VPN service and cannot identify VPN users. So they cannot impose the penalties set under Six-Strikes. The concept is really quite simple, but very effective. A VPN is designed to hide a user’s IP address and anonymize the user’s traffic. Unable to trace where users came from, or gather any information about their identities, a VPN protects users from being accused of piracy and penalized by their ISPs. And VPNs are perfectly legal to use, so any user can freely take cover behind this shield without worrying that they might face a different kind of penalty.

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