HMA and Google Search Data Privacy

Everyone loves Google when they need some information. Google is a great search engine because it can lead users to almost any information they could want. But when people realize how Google works, it can get scary.

Google is able to put information at everyone’s fingertips. Because Google gathers an enormous amount of information on anything and everything. A lot of this information is shared by people and meant to be found. But a lot of it is also data that Google has accessed without considering whether it was meant to be private.

There is so much information floating around on the web. Google may not intentionally seek out private information t make it publicly available. But there are a lot of other entities that don’t care about user privacy. All information is valuable. Advertisers, thieves, insurance companies, hackers, employers and loads of other people want to get their hands on different types of information. If there’s information, it’s in danger of being scraped, stolen and sold.

Hide My Ass is a VPN service provider that wants to help people keep their information secure. Using a VPN when you go online is very important these. There are so many ways that third parties can get at your information. And you want to stop them from doing this. Information leaks can lead to losing a job, paying higher premiums for insurance, getting robbed, being denied a position at work, and so much more.

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Google Search

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