HideMyAss VPN Review –A detailed HMA Pro VPN Review

HideMyAss (HMA Pro VPN) is one of the world’s most premeir Virtual Private Networks. This service has been in operation since 2005 and providing Internet users with the protection they need, as well as desire. Even though it is based in the United Kingdom, this VPN has operations all over the planet. Not only does this software business offer VPN services, but web proxy services.

According to company executives, HideMyAss was developed because of the concerns the company founders had concerning Internet security and privacy issues that most users confronted while surfing cyber space. With increased cyber crimes, spying activities and government censoring efforts, users have been blocked, hacked and prevented from surfing worldwide over the Internet.

HideMyAss has a mission of offering every member the best Internet security features, as well as quality VPN services while in cyber space. With little effort, our Internet specialist from everywhere on the planet have used this service with every device that gets you one the web. After thorough research, their findings were turned over for this review.

Service Availability

HMA offers services everywhere you can access the Internet. Its broad appeal has made it a propular security feature for mobile device users, as well as companies. Making its free proxy available to everyone has also brought new users to their site. This free service allows members to access a URL and remain invisible to any tracking software. Even though this service is safe, it does not match the Internet security features offered by HMA Pro VPN.

hidemyass review

This Pro service allows Internet users to get around firewalls, access SEO restricted URL sites and switch your current IP to one from another country. These programs essentially allow you to surf around your regular Internet connection.

The software applications developed by HideMyAss encrypt all your cyber traffic from any applicable device. Whether it is web browsing, Skype use, instant messaging applications or online gaming availability. All of these activities are virtually invisible to anyone looking for penetrate your Internet line.

HMA makes more than 29,000 IP addresses available in more than 50 different countries. This IP features allows you to unblock and use any GEO restricted site in most every country from anywhere outside that websites restricted services. For example, if you live in the UK and want access to local television networks in the United States, HMA offers US IP addresses to accomplish this.

HMA Internet Security

One benefit that HideMyAss offers that other VPN services do not is the random changing of your IP address at scheduled intervals. If surfing cyber space anonymously is important to you, then this Internet security feature is one to check out. You can set this feature to randomly change your IP address every 20 minutes and bounce around the world with different IP locations.

Customarily, this type of feature would eventually reveal you home IP, but HMA has developed technology to prevent this from occurring. The Secure IP Bind feature used by HMA prevents this from happening as you surf cyber space. HMA also offers a feature that will change your IP each type you enter the worldwide web. This protects you from any government censoring software or hacker attempting to track you back to your location.

Hidemyass Security Protocols

HideMyAss offers three different protocols that you can use while on the Internet: PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. Each have their own benefits and offer different levels of security.

PPTP is the basic protocol offered and does not get around all government censoring software. However, unlike the other two protocols, PPTP will connect to any operating system, whether it is Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac operating systems, Android, gaming consoles or Linux.

L2TP is an SSL protocol, which is the most secure protocol used by anyone on the Internet. This protocol can get around any government’s censoring applications and secure your connection from any type of hacking software. However, not every device will connect to this protocol.

OpenVPN is another high-level protocol that offers maximum security when surfing cyber space. However, this protocol is even more limited than L2TP when it comes to connecting to Internet devices. OpenVPN can only be used with a few of these devices, but if chosen as your protocol, gives you maximum protection.

Hidemyass VPN Speed Availability

Speed availability is an important feature offered by HMA and unlike many that you will find from other VPN providers. The number of servers and bandwidth offered eliminates any concerns you have when it comes to connection speed. This makes downloading movies, videos or websites quicker and uploading your personal videos faster.

hidemyass speed guide

Based on speed tests conducted by our expert team, 20 percent of the networks used by HMA provide you with the maximum speed available through any Internet connection, approximately 3000Kilobits. This is considered quick, since downloading movies or videos generally only requires a maximum speed of 1500KB.

Almost 95 percent of the networks used by HMA support high-definition capabilities and 70 percent of those networks meet even the most stringent connection speed requirements. The OpenVPN protocol offers you the fasted connection speed, so if your device can connect through this protocol, it will provide the best speed possible.

Hidemyass Packages Cost

Cost of this service is always a concern and HMA makes a host of pricing packages available to meet almost any budget requirements. HideMyAss makes three pricing packages available.

  • $11.52 each month if purchased on a monthly basis.
  • $50.66 for a six month if purchased every six months.
  • $78.66 annually or an introductory cost of $6.55 a month for the first year.

Each packages comes with the maximum amount of bandwidth offered by HMA and any other features you decide fits your needs. Any one of these packages grant you access to the 272 servers HMA has located around the planet without limiting your usage.

Purchasing multiple month packages saves you over the long-term. However, if you are working on a limited budget, you can easily sign up for a monthly membership and renew as needed.

HideMyAss is one of the most comprehensive VPN services available and offers everything you could ever need for your private or business use. The reasonability of the pricing is well worth it if compared to other VPN providers that offer the same features. If you use a router to access the Internet, remember to check out HMA’s list of authorized routers that will work best with their software.

If you are looking to secure yourself while surfing around in cyber space, no other VPN can match HideMyAss at the same price.

Check out all the features at the HideMyAss website.

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