HappyVPN on WiFi Safety and Privacy

HappyVPN talks about two important online security issues that we face today. Many users go online over unsecured WiFi, unaware of Pineapples. There is also the ongoing privacy concern related to government snooping. HappyVPN explains how VPNs can help users protect themselves against these threats.

Unsecured WiFi and Pineapples

Many users today take advantage of the hundreds of free WiFi hotspots available in their locations. Public WiFi has given people a lot of conveniences and advantages. But what they don’t realize is how easy it is for hackers and cybercriminals to breach these connections. One example of a common Wifi hotspot danger is the Pineapple. Pineapples are devices that spoof wireless networks. They sit in the middle of your connection, harvesting all data going through that connection that isn’t encrypted.

Online thieves and scammers can get into any device connected to WiFi hotspots, gain control of it, and steal data, access linked online accounts, and even destroy the devices. These miscreants want to get at user data because it is a very valuable commodity. User data can be sold to advertising companies to be used in the creation of personalized ads for their clients. If they can also find a bank account, credit card, or any other linked account on your device, they can gain access and make purchases or conduct social media scams in the user’s name. Some stop here, but others enjoy going one step further. If they do not use your controlled device as part of a botnet set up to launch attacks on other users, they can upload a virus to kill your system, or wipe your data and prevent you from regaining access your device.

HappyVPN explains that since public WiFi security cannot be controlled by users, the only solution is to secure the connection through the device. VPN services are very useful online security tools for securing devices against public WiFi dangers. HappyVPN wants users to know that VPNs are very easy to set up these days, especially if you get a package from a VPN provider. The software that comes with these packages is lightweight and very simple to configure, even for those who don’t have much experience with VPN technology or who don’t want to spend time tweaking their connections. A product like HappyVPN can protect your laptop or mobile phone communications so you don’t get victimized by Pineapples and other criminals’ tools. If you visit only websites with SSL/TLS and can trust the security certificates, you will be safe. But your cookies and sessions can be easily hijacked when you access any URL over HTTP. A VPN prevents this by encrypting all your data and traffic and rerouting it through a VPN server. For more details on how different packages work, and what protocol options you have with different VPN providers, please read on here.


Online Privacy Breaches

HappyVPN has expressed concern lately over the numerous privacy risks online. There are many people and organizations snooping on user data and tracking user activities. Many users felt safe in the past because they knew that they were protected by privacy laws. But HappyVPN shares that recent events that revolve around the NSA spying scandal have revealed that we are not safe online at all. Virtually any data that we send over the internet can be accessed by snoopers who have access to the needed technology. HappyVPN explains that much of this technology and resources are readily available in hacker and organized online crime circles. A few groups like the NSA have much more sophisticated technology and resources that give them access to more than they should rightly have.

HappyVPN is also concerned that many users still do not know how valuable their data is, and what people will do to get it. Many websites track user activities and store some personal data to feed them appropriate content or improve their websites’ performance. But the way they store this information is sometimes not secure. Other people with malicious intent can steal this data and resell it or use it to execute identity theft scams and access private accounts for personal gain. Some websites that claim to store data for innocent uses actually also resell the data themselves without users’ knowledge.

HappyVPN is pleased to share, however, that the recent scandal has piqued users’ interest in online security. The scandal was also a catalyst for research into other online privacy concerns that have taught us much about how online monitoring and data storage can harm us. In recent studies, HappyVPN reports, PRISM, the Patriot Act, and the EU Data Retention Directive are the biggest reasons why double the usual number of users are signing up for VPN services. HappyVPN is pleased that VPN use has doubled since these revelations of snooping surfaced. Online users are still calling for the government to put a stop to online spying, but in the meantime HappyVPN is proud to say that there are VPN solutions that can help users protect their online presence until the situation can be resolved and privacy restored to internet users everywhere.

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