HappyVPN on Ways to Battle Internet Restrictions

Getting around government censorship and gaining access to restricted websites isn’t as simple as it may sound. There is no one-size-fits-all solution because website blocking comes in different forms and is achieved through different means. HappyVPN spells out for users in simple terms how to choose the right technology for different unblocking needs. Users need to understand the basics of unblocking strategies to be able to select the right proxy for the job.

Local Censorship Proxies

To break free from censorship that blocks websites from your internet connection, HappyVPN confirms that you only need a low anonymity HTTPS proxy. This works for most government censorships and blocked access from schools or offices. Using a simple proxy will in most cases get users access to sites like Facebook or Twitter and YouTube. The encryption provided by these types of proxies will allow the content to get past the censoring filters without being flagged.

The first disadvantage of these proxies is that they only work to unblock websites. Separate proxies are needed for unblocking other applications like Skype. HappyVPN warns, however, that most of these types of low-grade proxies are very slow. This can make video streaming or buffering and uploading and downloading photos cumbersome. At times, the action will time out and cannot be completed. Many of these proxies are also incapable of rendering websites properly. A bigger issue is when they cannot load a website’s functions. An example of this is Facebook messaging and viewing videos from the stream. It will take experimentation to find proxies that can handle what you need to do. And taking note of peak times of use can help you get better speeds though users will not have the convenience of chatting and watching videos, et cetera, on their own schedules. Another concern is with the frequent blocking of web proxies. These proxies are blocked by many censorship programs as they are detected, and you will need to find new alternatives as this happens. HappyVPN also warns that these proxies do not often hide the user’s IP address so their activities can be traced back to them.

Geolocation Restriction Proxies

An HTTPS proxy with higher anonymity levels and IP hiding capabilities are needed for websites that restrict visitors by location. If you need to access Netflix or BBC iPlayer from Asia, for instance, you need a proxy that can give you a US or UK IP address, respectively. This proxy will hide the user’s real location and make them appear to be accessing the sites from the right country.

Anonymous proxies that work well are not that easy to find, says HappyVPN, and even the higher grade ones can be slowed down by congestion. The best ones are very popular, and since the number of users is not restricted, there can be thousands of people using them at the same time. HappyVPN warns that although you get higher anonymity through these hide IP proxies, this does not mean that a user’s identity cannot be traced. Some proxy administrators keep records of users and may share this information with ad agencies to make a profit that keeps the service available. Others have been known to reveal user data when pressured by government requests. Many of these proxies also have limited server location options that can make it difficult for users to find the country that they need to connect to so that they can unblock their desired content. These high anonymity web proxies also do not work to unblock VoIP and other internet based applications.


VPN Total Unblocking Services

VPN services provide users with multiple encryption and protocol options. Service like HappyVPN have all in one software packages with convenient interfaces. This allows users to choose what protocols they need to get through different types of website blocks. Users can also select whatever server locations they need and switch to and from these servers at the click of a button. An additional advantage of VPNs is that they can unblock all types of internet enabled applications. Chat programs, VoIP call and messaging applications, and torrent software are examples of popular tools that a VPN can give users full access to. Reliable and convenient VPN services are not free, but they guarantee performance. HappyVPN performance is highly regulated for optimum speeds, high anonymity capabilities
and flexibility to work with different applications.

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