How To Get An IP Address From Denmark While You’re Abroad

If you’re a citizen of Denmark planning to travel abroad, whether you’re going on vacation or taking an extended stay for business purposes, there are ways available to make sure the IP address of your computer stays Danish while you’re away. While you might be wondering what advantages it would have to retain an IP address from Denmark, you’ll find that there are plenty of advantages.

Why Do I Need An IP Address From Denmark While I’m Abroad?

There are numerous countries around the world where strict regulations on internet use are the norm, both for citizens and visitors. Whether censorship is imposed for political, cultural or financial concerns, it can be a frustration to find that the country you’re spending time in won’t allow you to access certain websites that you took for granted back home in Denmark. The restrictions can sometimes be severe – in some countries, you may not even be able to access your social networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Even in a country that has no restrictions on internet use, you’ll sometimes meet a stumbling block when you try to access websites that are limited to Denmark. Your bank or other financial institution, for example, may only allow you to connect to its website if your IP address shows you are still at home in Denmark – without a Danish IP address, you won’t be able to do online banking while you’re abroad, or keep up with the entertainment you’re used to watching. If you’re missing home and want to watch episodes of your favorite shows through the streaming services that your network broadcasters offer, or listen to the online versions of your preferred radio stations, you can only do so if your IP address is from Denmark for digital rights management reasons.


How Can I Get An IP Address From Denmark While I’m Abroad?

Simple! When you’re abroad and wanting the internet to believe that you’re back home in Denmark, you can use a Virtual Private Network (or VPN) to achieve this. Just like the physical address your mail man brings your letters to, your IP address is the means by which websites learn your location in the world.

A Virtual Private Network allows you to route all your internet traffic through a server located in a specific place. In this case, you’ll want a VPN provider who has servers in Denmark. This process assigns your computer an IP address from Denmark and makes the websites you access think that Denmark is where you are.

To find a VPN provider at the right price and with the right features – not to mention servers located in Denmark – you can check out our comparison tables below:

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