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Gabon is considered to be an independent state and situated in the west of central Africa. The total area is about two hundred and seventy thousand sq km. Libreville is known to be the capital city. The total numbers of the people are one and a half million. It was recognized as a sovereign state in the year 1960. There are nine provinces of Gabon. It has coastal plains, rainforest and lush green mountains making it a suitable place of tourists.  Ogooue is a major river of the country with a length of about twelve hundred kilometers. The interesting thing about Gabon is its numerous numbers of caves. Of which, several have not been explored yet.

If we talk about the economy of Gabon, then it is heavily reliant on oil reserves, which comprises of forty three percent of total GDP.  The second major source of revenue generation is mining. Apart from this, private investment from the foreigners also plays a remarkable role and contribute positive role in the development of the country. The economy has potential of growth in future because iron deposits are suggested to be explored in near future. It is regarded as the largest iron reserves in the world.

The telecom sector has interesting statistics. The mobile networks are extremely established across the country, which facilitate high-quality services to the user. It had the highest penetration of mobile users as compared to other regions of Africa, which had exceeded one hundred percent in the year 2008. On the other hand, the internet has not developed because of the monopoly of a particular service provider, which results into costly prices. Recently, another broadband service is going to begin its operation in the year 2012. It will surely improve the position of internet.

Internet Scope in Gabon:

The total number of internet users was nearly twenty thousand in the year 2000, but now the users have increased up to more than one hundred thousand. Though,  internet users are increasing with a slow pace, still there are positive chances of improvement as new fiber optics have launched its operations recently across the country.

Why Gabon needs VPN:       

Today, the Gabon VPN has become a primary need of the people. It has several features with fast and secured web browsing via private network. It isolates the problem faced by the user and provides its solution. The point of concern is that why Gabon needs VPN. The answer is very simple. There are many reasons in this regard. A few of them are discussed as follows. The first reason is the restrictions of the government which are strictly related to VoIP. Secondly, as we have discussed above that internet sector has not progressed yet as it should be. So people are always in search of entertainment TV shows and movies around the whole globe. PBS provides extensive opportunity of watching TV programs for the resident of the United States. This service is explicitly available in the US only.  This hurdle can be resolved by using Gabon VPN. It comprises of useful features for the users and efficiently fulfill all needs of user regarding web surfing. Another service is receiving great popularity due to the unique entertainment source. It offers a wide range of music videos, shows and apps. Netflix can be accessed as well which is a great source of TV shows. This all is contained in just one boxee. It is only available in the United States, which is the main obstacle in the accessibility. Gabon VPN can help in this regard against nominal charges.

Benefits of Gabon VPN:

  • The first and foremost benefit is considered to be network security.
  • Convenience and productivity are the second essential benefit of a VPN.
  • It has an extremely low cost as compared to leased lines and other services.
  • It is compatible with all modern devices.

This is just because of the miracle of Gabon VPN that streamlines the businesses and individuals toward the progress of the country. Following are some best VPN provider.

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