ExpressVPN Versus Hola

Hola is a new web app that can unblock access to restricted websites. It is being marketed as one of the best content unblockers available. While it may be one of the easiest tools to use, it may not be as secure as the trusted VPN providers like ExpressVPN.

How Hola Works

Hola just came out of beta testing and has gotten excellent reviews. Users have reported being able to access a wide variety of online TV streaming sites and censored social media sites. They got access to video streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Netflix and Hulu, in many different countries, and TV channels Britain’s BBC iPlayer, Canada’s CBC, and Russia’s Channel One. These and many other television networks have websites where local viewers can watch their content. But because of licensing restrictions that preserve the networks’ revenues, this content is not available to viewers outside the country. Hola was made to circumvent geoblocking technologies.

What Hola Lacks

Hola is a free VPN proxy that can be used on the Firefox and Chrome web browsers, and on Windows and Android devices. iPhone and iPad users cannot use the app. Users have reported success in accessing blocked social media networks with Hola, but the app has not been completely successful in unblocking other social sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and news and information sites like Wikipedia and the New York Times. With ExpressVPN, a user with most any type of Internet enabled device can access any type of content.

Hola is capable of changing a user’s IP address, but there is no detailed explanation of the tool’s security features. Most free VPN proxies and other web proxy types do not use very high levels of encryption to secure user data. Most can be cracked and have other weaknesses that can allow spies to intercept data and track users. ExpressVPN employs the best VPN protocols and encryption levels coupled with superior tunneling technology to give users the most secure and private experience possible at fast speeds. Online privacy and security are very important, and ExpressVPN can provide this along with all the advantages that a proxy like Hola offers.


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