ExpressVPN Superior Anonymity

ExpressVPN is a superior VPN provider because it provides superior anonymity for Internet users. And it also gives users all the additional perks that they need to use the service without any hassles. ExpressVPN is private, fast, offers a lot of server locations, is very easy to install and use, and has apps for all the popular operating systems. And users get all these important features for just one price.

Online Privacy

The most vital aspect of a superior VPN for online anonymity is still the privacy factor. ExpressVPN, like all other VPN providers, are subject to their country’s laws. But ExpressVPN does not keep records of where their users go and what they do. They are not interested in pleasing the authorities or making a profit from user data. They just want to provide users with a truly private VPN service.

VPN Speed

All VPNs will eat up a portion of the bandwidth that the ISP allots to a user. This is because the VPN will send the user’s data through one of their servers before it gets to its destination, and back again. But the best VPNs provide excellent VPN servers that are not overpacked with users. They simply provide enough servers so that all users have access to one where there won’t be any traffic jams. The ExpressVPN servers are some of the best we have tested. Regardless of whether you are connected to the Internet via Ethernet, home or public WiFi, you will get the best speeds.

Server Locations

ExpressVPN has one of the most comprehensive collection of worldwide VPN servers. They not only add servers in locations that are high-traffic areas like the UK, Los Angeles and Seattle. They also add servers in locations that other providers hesitate to offer, like Australia and the Philippines. And then they provide a range of European and Asian server locations for good measure. And all these servers are open to ExpressVPN users. There are no messy packages or additional charges for users to be able to enjoy connecting to any of them.

Installation and Use

Ease of use is not a major factor in selecting the best anonymous VPNs. But it is important because a cumbersome VPN will discourage people from connecting to stay safe. ExpressVPN is one of the easiest VPNs to install and use. Signing up, downloading, installing and running the app is done within minutes. And connecting to any server on successive launches is completed in just two steps. And it runs quietly in the background, not interfering with any other running applications.

ExpressVPN Apps

No matter if you are using a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android device, ExpressVPN has a pre-configured app that will give you the best VPN connectivity available. And whenever possible, ExpressVPN gives users the top level protection of the OpenVPN protocol. Plus, ExpressVPN also offers high quality pre-configured DD-WRT routers and VPN connectivity on PS3, Xbox, and other consoles.


When evaluating the cost of a VPN, the price you see displayed rarely gives you an accurate idea of the actual costs. Often, VPN packages have limitations on server use, bandwidth, available ports and protocols, and encryption levels. ExpressVPN is not among the lowest priced VPNs, but it gives users access to its complete features with no limitations for that listed price. There is no hassle trying to figure out which package will give you the servers or protocols you need for your device. There is no extra charge for additional apps to secure additional devices. And you can use as much bandwidth and as many of the ports as you like. All in all, ExpressVPN provides more bang for each buck as a high quality anonymous VPN service.


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