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Netflix is the streaming service that made online viewing popular all around the world. The problem is that Netflix does not keep its promises. Subscribers cannot get the movies and TV shows they want from certain locations. And many other streaming services have followed their lead. This is where the best streaming VPNs like ExpressVPN come in.

Watch Movies and TV Shows Anywhere, Anytime

The Netflix slogan promises the ability to watch videos anywhere and anytime, but then limits from where they can be accessed. Netflix subscribers expect to be able to watch the movies and TV shows they want from anywhere, as promised. Netflix Canada for example does not offer the same content as Netflix USA, and people outside these physical areas cannot access the content at all. Similar restrictions have been applied to other streaming services as well.

VPN services like ExpressVPN have been used by subscribers to Netflix and other streaming services to access the content that they are blocked from using. People love online streaming because it allows them to watch what they want without having to be on a schedule. And they can watch from their computers, tablets or smartphones instead of only from their television sets at home. But only with a tool like ExpressVPN can they truly get the content that they are looking for, from wherever they choose.

Current streaming users can easily continue their subscriptions when they travel or move overseas. But people who live in countries where the service in not offered need a few things before they can sign up. For instance, someone who wants a USA streaming account will have to use a US address, phone number and payment service. It is easy to Google the address and phone number, but the payment service can be tricky. People who don’t have a US credit card can try setting up a US PayPal account or prepaid US payment cards or debit cards. Virtual US Visa cards can also work on some streaming services.

Netflix Content in Demand

Netflix is a pioneer in online streaming and is one of the most popular services in the world. They also have the widest selection of content of any one streaming service. They offer a wide range of genres from science fiction to drama and mystery to comedy. There’s always something on for kids, teenagers and adults. They offer old and new movies and TV shows. And their content comes from many countries around the world – US, UK, and Chinese hits are available.

Netflix now has 46 million subscribers, and they predict that this number will grow very fast. The advantage that services like Netflix have over other content delivery companies is that they deliver TV and movies directly to subscribers. They are not yet as big as these other companies, but they are gaining on them rapidly. The drawback to their growth is the limitations that they place on subscribers. But they must restrict access because of content licensing regulations. They would have to charge subscribers more to give them open access to all the shows and movies. Yet subscribers demand better access. This is why they use professional services like ExpressVPN to open up that access.


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