ExpressVPN Complete Device Security

Most of the major VPN providers are now focused on pushing out new VPN apps. This is not just about upgrades but to offer comprehensive apps for different devices. But ExpressVPN has had fully compatible apps for years. instead have focused on providing better app, server and connection performance. And they offer all these apps on a single package. There is no need to sign up for different accounts and pay for additional apps when you use more than one device. For all your computers, laptops, phones and tablets, you pay for one ExpressVPN package to secure them all.

An App for Every Device

ExpressVPN has the most comprehensive range of VPN apps. They have been designing and maintaining VPN apps for every popular OS on the market. This means that ExpressVPN has the apps that people need for their Androids, iPads, laptops and more. And they are one of the very few VPN providers that offer top level security for even older operating systems like Android 2.x. You can secure every internet enabled device you have with ExpressVPN.

One Package and Price for All

ExpressVPN also has just one package. This does not mean that it is not versatile. On the contrary, ExpressVPN is the most versatile VPN because of this. And it works out a lot cheaper and more convenient in the process. ExpressVPN does not have confusing multiple packages with different access and security levels. There is just one package, and all ExpressVPN users get access to all the protocols and servers on that single package. They can use the same ExpressVPN package on any device they want, and get the full benefits. There is also no additional cost for using more than one device, unlike other providers. And you can change servers and protocols as much as you like and not pay anything more than the standard monthly fee.

ExpressVPN secures all your devices for a reasonable price so you can surf without worry, no matter where you are. This provider offers excellent data encryption, private tunnels and servers for top online protection. And as a worldwide VPN service, ExpressVPN can cover you from any country you happen to be located in. All you need is an Internet connection and an account with a secure payment system like PayPal


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