ExpressVPN announced new server locations in Norway and South Korea

ExpressVPN has just announced their new server locations in Norway and South Korea. These additions bring their total reach to 35 countries worldwide. Server switching for privacy, security and access is now faster and more convenient.

Privacy and Security

ExpressVPN has regularly added server locations to their list since they first entered the industry in 2009. But they have been working especially hard this year to provide additional options for users. Earlier, they launched US servers in San Jose, California, Phoenix, Arizona, and Virginia. The additional servers brought the ExpressVPN server total to over 60 locations.

With these additional servers, ExpressVPN can now more conveniently serve US residents who want to keep a US IP but need to be shielded from snoopers and hackers. There are so many websites out there today whose main aim is to infect user devices with malware and viruses. The websites are cyber criminal tools that give these criminals access to the data stored on user devices. With the data they steal, they can gain access to user accounts. Sometimes they just want to destroy these accounts, but more often their goal is to steal credit card information, get into bank accounts, and use online profiles to launch attacks on other users.

There is also a new Australia server compatible with iOS. Users can now connect to this server with their iPhones and iPads. Mobile security has never been more important, so ExpressVPN is expanding their mobile VPN connectivity to help users better secure their devices. With the release of the new iPhone 5, hacker groups have been actively testing the new OS for vulnerabilities. Using ExpressVPN will help secure these devices against online attacks.

ExpressVPN will be adding even more worldwide VPN servers in the months to come to further expand subscriber options. ExpressVPN takes user suggestions for new server locations, so visit the ExpressVPN Facebook page to add your thoughts on what would be a great place for you to have a new ExpressVPN server.

Seamless Video Streaming

The new ExpressVPN servers are also very convenient for users who are having trouble accessing their video streaming accounts. Travelers and overseas workers often face blocks when trying to get to their favorite content. The new servers give them more options for connecting to MegaVideo, YouTube, Veoh, Spotify, and other video and music streaming sites. Some users can access the websites but find that there is a lot of content that has suddenly become unavailable to them. This can be quite annoying, especially when it is simply due to limitations placed for that particular location. ExpressVPN can unblock access to the range of content they previously enjoyed. It can also help users to circumvent other restrictions like time limits and open up content available in other countries. Simply connect to the appropriate server and access the account you set up for video streaming in that location.

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